About Me

Passionate about life!

Brazilian by birth and American by choice, but both places have my heart.

I’m a happy wife and proud mommy of two handsome boys. Jesus is the cornerstone of our family.

Freedom is fundamental to me, and the only way I found to have control over my own life was through entrepreneurship. My husband and I own a traditional business, and I also have my own Social Selling business.

I’m on a mission to improve my health and beauty through natural clean and toxin-free choices and small steps. And help as many people as possible to have the same health improvement and financial freedom. My call in life is to serve others. I love people.

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Some of favorites! ❤️

Small shifts takes you to a higher level. Some of my favorites!

I want to share with you a few of my favorite items that have personally changed my life. Attached is a homepage link with $10 off for first time buyers. Unlock an extra 20% off through the Subscribe & Save.

Collagen Beauty Elixir!

I know you came here for the good stuff, so you can imagine how excited I am to announce the only Collagen Elixir with real age-defying results! Not to mention the only collagen I'd trust in my body. Blended with our own CoVera collagen complex, a boost of hyaluronic acid for hydration, and a unique plant based vitamin delivery system that will radically transform. You can't help but see and feel a difference.

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Total Body Detox!

There is nothing like the feeling of true elimination and the lightness of a clean colon.
So we’ve created the complete package of herbal science to collaborate with your body’s healing and elimination process. With liver and kidney support, blood and colon cleansing, as well as a premium gut health boost, you will feel lighter, your body will feel alive. Say hello to your best self.

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Ritual Waterless Cleansing Bar Soaps!

Get one of each of our Ritual Cleansing Soaps:

Bloom - Cleanse Gently Cleansing + Soothing A cleansing bar that sustains balance and collaborates with your skin's own rhythm. Too good not to mmmm and ahhhh…

Lavender - The best Cleansing Bar in the world for soothing and gently cleansing without stripping or drying out your skin.

Charcoal- Hands down the most effective and glorious activated charcoal bar on earth. Whether you struggle with breakouts/blemishes, oily or strange skin things that can't be explained,

Man- Gentlemen, we know you've struggled your entire life to find the perfect soap— one that could make your muscles stronger, your beard fuller, invigorate your spirit, and keep your lady interested.

👉You can order a bundle or separate.

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Arise - Am Booster + Hunger Control

Arise AM Booster™

Fresh Fruit Blend

Clean Energy + Hunger Control

We build and craft our pure goods from whole, nutritional ingredients that your body recognizes as truth - never the synthetics or toxic nonsense. We define natural as an ingredient your body recognizes as truth. In other words it works WITH your body to support what it does naturally, and beautifully.

Cravings Crusher + Healthy Metabolism Support

Antioxidant & Intracellular Energy

Pre Workout + Muscle Preservation

Supports Your Body’s Fat Burning Abilities

Prebiotics - Feed Healthy Gut Flora

Tastes So Good

You want energy without the toxic intake? How about muscle protection, and steady insulin levels…

Introducing ARISE. The world's first, truly clean energy + hunger control beverage crafted with authentic earth based ingredients that supports your body’s natural process. Think of it like you’re drinking real food!

Natural Flavors Means - Real Fruit Juice from Citrus, Pineapple & Mango

Arise Am Booster + Hunger Control

Brain Activation

Premium Plant Powered Nootropic

Where Stepping Into Your Power Becomes Effortless

I can’t tell you how often I’ve felt like I am losing my mind. Be it mom brain, brain fog, forgetfulness, or lack of focus and presence. Too often, no matter how well I eat or how much I muster, brain power eludes me. In addition to gut, joint, and skin health, I wanted to build our foundation of supplements with a plant powered nootropic whose sole purpose is to support your brain's ability to do exactly what it was created to do: FUNCTION. So we did. I am proud to deliver our proven, revolutionary nootropic backed by science and nature, for men and women who desire a fine tuned mental machine. Imagine being able to finish all your sentences with flying colors.

Brain Activation!

Waterless Body Lotion

Satisfies The Soul | Loved by All Skin Types

Bloom Collection w/ hyssop & calendula

It's your moment for pure, nourishing immersion. Handcrafted with farm fresh beeswax & wildcrafted herbs. Soft skin for days. Just look at you now. You had me at days.

Mama + Baby Safe | Loved By Pregnant Bellies

Waterless Body Lotion

Let's build a legacy that will last for generations to come!

Start building your own business with the most luxurious, clean, and delicious products!

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