Gopher Rounddance

This webpage celebrates the Gopher family rounddances.

The Gopher family of Great Falls, Montana has celebrated many rounddances throughout the years and take pride in their heritage & culture.

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2022 Neezh-Openais' (Twin-Birds) Rounddance

April 1st and 2nd, 2022

The Gopher family again welcomes you to join them as they celebrate another beautiful rounddance in Great Falls, Montana. This event is scheduled for April 1st and 2nd, 2022, at the Montana ExpoPark Fairgrounds. There will dancing, singing and food as guest drum group Walking Buffalo (Big River First Nation, Canada) performs traditional music. This is a free event and everybody is welcome, so feel free to bring friends and family!


2022 Healing Rounddance Clothing

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Tate Albert, Laura Smith, Leona Gopher and her grandson.

Some photos of the Gopher family.


At this given & blessed time; only how we will define as a wonderful day. Give thanks that we are all gathered here in a good way. Love, laugh, hug, sing and dance to the timeless Sacred Beat of our drum. Rounddance I will. I give my hand as I take my brother's dance. Hold my hand sister, forget your troubles and dance. Let the chain of love link young and old. Unity soothes our souls. Oh how I long for the loved ones that passed hear and feel these beautiful songs. In our hearts, we hold and never forget them. HONOR, RESPECT, and DANCE, my family & friends. Dreams of our lost people are forever young in a promised place that keeps us strong. It is written that we are not promised another day, so let's greet one another with love, and part the same way. I love you all. We shall meet again. My People, my Family, my Friends. •Belinda Gopher