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Content Collections ♡50% OFF ♡

For the launch of this new product, I'm offering 50% off!

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*some content fits into multiple categories and is therefore inn multiple galleries*

Choose from the following (all means ALL currently available collections):
☆ Booty - All the best shots and videos of my backside
☆ Bewbs - Jiggly videos and perky photos
☆ Tease - Cute lewds and nudes for those that like a little mystery
☆ Toys - Playtime with this girl's best friends

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A la Carte Pictures

- Any number of lewd, topless, or nude photos. Tell me what you like and I'll pick out the best selection for you!
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Hard Mode/Onlyfans Sub: 2$ ea.
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A la Carte Videos

- Just like the pictures, I'll pick out videos for you based on your preferences.
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3 Minutes or Less:
Hard Mode/Onlyfans Subs - 5$ ea.
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Regular Price - 10$ ea.

More Than 3 Minutes:
Hard Mode/Onlyfans Subs - 7$ ea.
Casual Player Subs - 10.50$ ea.
Regular Price - 14 $ ea.

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- Let me tell you exactly what I think of what you're packing!
- Choose text, video, or audio.
- If you pick a video, choose topless or clothed.

- Choose from:
-- Complimentary (I'll be super nice, but honest.)
-- Absolutely Honest (Could be nice, could be not so nice, but it will be 100% honest!)
-- Degrading (I'll point out the worst that I can. May not be as honest.)

Hard Mode/Onlyfans Subs:
- 5$ Video
- 4$ Audio
- 2$ Text
Casual Player Subs:
- 7.50$ Video
- 6$ Audio
- 3$ Text
Regular Price:
- 10$ video
- 8$ Audio
- 4$ Text

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Custom Content

- Tell me what you want and I'll create it!

- Prices will vary depending on what you want, but you can estimate that custom pieces will be about double the price of an equivalent piece of already existing material.

- I reserve the right to reject requests for custom content for any reason. I'm very open minded, but my boundaries come first. Don't be shy to ask, though! I won't be offended even if it's something I can't provide.

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Use the link below to pick out nerdy suff to feed my habits! I'll send you a one of a kind video of me thanking you personally and naughty stuff, too 😉

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I want to be able to make the best content for you! Help me out by buying an item from my wishlist. Whatever you purchase, you will get a one of a kind video of me using it and thanking you personally!

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More people to play with!

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Luck Puppet

A good friend of mine for years and she's just stunning! I was so happy to get to see more 💜

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