Roxanne & Kervin — 101 Financial

We know how it feels and it’s overwhelming, so we’re committed to teach you what you don’t know about money so you can live a full and rich life with your family.

Kervin and I have been dating for almost 4 years. We’ve been 101 students since 2017 and became instructors a year later.


Our 101 Story

Kervin was the first to enroll and within 3 months, he was able to pay off about $13k in debt. He was also able to go back to school.

My story was way different. I was skeptical, scared, overwhelmed and embarrassed so it took me quite a while to enroll. After enrolling, I was still resistant and hesitant until we started talking about the future and that’s when I realized, it was time. So, I graduated to the advance class and paid off almost all my credit card debt and 9 months later, I paid of my car. A total of almost $40k. I remember the feeling during my first class. My fear turned into butterflies, happy ones. Being super thankful and blessed. After that, everything else snowballed, like the blessings was never ending. I got my mom enrolled in 101, and a few months later, moved into a bigger house. Trips to Disneyland and Vegas, and emergent trip to the Philippines. Less worrying about work, kept just my part time and spent more time with family. I even turned down a full time job offer since I know it will affect family time.

And the story continues...

101 Financial offers financial education that’s not taught in school. It’s important to learn these courses as it can be applied in real life and its something you can pass down to your kids and future generations and shared with family and friends you care about.

Start now and don’t delay. It’s never too late nor it’s never too early to start.

By Candi (101 Student since March 2019)

My biggest challenge prior to enrolling was paying multiple different credit card companies every month and had nothing left for myself. It gave me anxiety, stress, and felt like I worked ’just’ to pay bills. After enrolling, I felt liberated and in control of my money. In less than 1-month of being a student, I paid off $11,669 in debt, and my credit score jumped up +26 pts. For those thinking about enrolling, all I can say is time is money. You are wasting your money waiting to enroll! Own up and JUST DO IT!

By Evelyn (101 Student since March 2019)

My biggest challenge was not believing the system the first time I learned about it. I've been scammed more than million of dollars so I was hesitant to enroll. I was scared to lose my money again and I was not confident of myself doing it on my own because I didn't understand the system well.

I trusted Roxanne and knowing that she is with me, she was able to help me and continues to help me through financial education. I had a home equity of $50k that I've been trying to pay since 2006, and when I finally enrolled my balance was $38K and I paid it off in less than 3 months. Thank you Roxanne for your help!

For those who are thinking about 101 Financial, all I can say is this system works! (Evelyn, 101 Financial Student since March 2019)

Adrienne (101 Student since January 2019)

"My biggest challenge prior to enrolling was splitting up my pay check to pay my credit cards, loan, car lease payment and rent. It made me feel stressed and irritated. After enrolling, my life, my journey in life, my goals, basically everything changed. 101 has taught me how to budget and plan ahead with goals to accomplish. For someone thinking about enrolling, I would tell that person "DO IT!". I paid of $14,000 in credit card debt in 3 months, paid off my remaining car lease and to top it off , made a down payment for a 2019 4Runner. It's been amazing!" -Adrienne (101 Financial student since January 2019)