I love a great story- and you friend are living one!

Hi! I’m Roxanne

I am learning to embrace this beautiful, messy life.

I’m an entrepreneur of 10+ years.
A Mama of 4 who is passionate about following Jesus, an MS warrior who fights for joy in my struggle, I value learning from and with people from around the world, love hooking people up with easy vegan beauty routines that actually deliver results, and helping women create lives that are abundant.

Life is a beautiful mess & living vulnerably with confidence & sharing everyday inspiration is what I’m all about- if you want more of that let’s be friends! It’s a blessing to be invited into people’s lives & I am so grateful you are here!

What is Monat?

Healthy aging is where it is at! Welcome to Modern Nature!

Anti-aging, vegan, gluten free, & cruelty free, monat combines the best of science & nature!

🌱plant and naturally based, never tested on animals premium hair & skin care
that ACTUALLY WORKS!! Fastest growing premium hair care brand in the world for a reason.

Monat removes build up & heals your scalp and hair from the inside out. Our skin care includes cutting edge science as well- we are modern nature!! It takes time but the results don’t lie.

check out the clinical results:
46% increase in growth⁣⁣
35% increase in follicle strength ⁣⁣
70% increase in hair anchoring better ⁣⁣
76% increase in follicle size ⁣⁣
88% increased manageability and shine

EU certified-the US only bans 9 ingredients while Europe bans over 1,000 & we changed nothing when we launched in the Uk!

Want more?
• scientific advisory board
• endorsed by the National Hair Loss Association
• over 1 million preferred customers
• award winning company and products
• leaping bunny certified

Customized consult with me based on your needs👇