Get to know me!

Roxy Roxstar

~ This was written before I lost my old account~

Hey! My name is Roxy, I am a 4 year old Maltese/Shihtzu/Pomeranian (Malshipom) from Sydney Australia

I started my Instagram account in Janurary 2017 just for fun to keep all my photos somewhere and my hooman loves to get creative with photos!

I have only just started taking my account a lil more serious this year and my hooman even bought a camera dedicated to ME! 😜

Some of my hobbies include:
- going on the boat & Paddle boarding (I hate swimming though!)
- SLEEPING (my favourite hobby!)
- Going on new adventures
- going to the beach!
- eating anything (not fussy 🤪)
- Modelling! (I get treats for this one so also a fave!)

Some fun facts about me!
- My right ear doesn’t sit straight so it either looks very puffy or you can’t see it at all!
- I kinda self taught my self to “Stay” on command (I know that if I stay, I’ll get treats!
- I’m 1/2 Maltese, 1/4 Shihtzu & 1/4 Pomeranian
- I hate dog parks (a little scared of lots of dogs in the same area!)
- My middle name is Coconut because I have coconut colouring!


How I do collabs!

I like to call myself a dog “influencer” because that’s what I do! I help advertise products and get my audience keen to love the product as much as I do!

How my collabs work:

If you are a brand that I absolutely LOVE - I may slide into your DMs and shoot you a message! I only ever do collabs with brands I honestly love, If I have never purchased from you or you are new I will need to know a bit about you because I only like to advertise products that I think my followers will love & benefit from.

If you are a brand reading this and you are considering working with me for a social collaboration just shoot me a quick or DM or email me at “” *I will be quicker to reply to DMS rather than emails”

I will get back in touch with you ASAP and I will send all of the important info and my insights!

What I offer:
I offer a post, a reel & multiple stories featuring your product

Have a look though my feed to see the type of posts I offer, if there is another kind of post you would like me to do, let me know and we can work something out!