Koo Brothers were born in the suburbs of Seoul South Korea. They got sent to an orphanage where they spent most of their adolescent years since their parents died on a horrific accident. When they graduated school, they decided to move out from the Orphanage and rent an apartment, every now and then, even they're all successful on their respective fields, they still visit the apartment for this is the first apartment they invested their first work pays.

Contains details and information that is essential for plotting with the Koo Brothers

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The following cards below are some of the information you need to know before roleplaying with one of the brothers. Please also take note that all of the characters portrayed were all in legal age and currently in 3N Status.

Billy Holtz Koo

Korean Name: 구 빌리 홀츠
Nickname: Bolt
Birthdate: April 12, 1995
Siblings: Stephen Chrew Koo, Daniel River Koo

Bolt is an inborn comicbook nerd, he loves collecting action figures and limited time edition comics. He's also a Music Composer at GY Label, though most of his compositions were scrapped out due to him not having connections to the industry. But somehow, he's striving hard to prove them that he's got what it takes to be on top of Music Composition.

Stephen Chrew Koo

Korean Name: 구 스티븐 추
Nickname: Screw
Birthdate: September 12, 1997
Siblings: Billy Holtz Koo, Daniel River Koo

2 years after Bolt, Screw was born. Screw is a far more colder and much silent to the three of them. He doesn't care about your opinion and most of the time he'll just stay silent, judging you from the inside. He's practicing law at the Seoul, South Korea, one of the most successful lawyers to have won 50 cases in 5 years.

In Screw's words, “Why would I search for love, if I can just buy it instead?”.

Daniel River Koo

Korean Name: 구 다니엘 강
Nickname: Driver
Birthdate: May 23, 1998
Siblings: Billy Holtz Koo, Stephen Chrew Koo

The youngest of them all, Driver, is the one who got his own clothing line at the age of 23. With his knowledge in fashion and designing, it's no wonder why celebrities and influencers book their gala and awards gowns and suits to him. Personality wise, Driver is a blunt, straight to the point, street mouth guy. He says what he sees and there's no clutch brake on his mouth.

“Not my fault that I'm bad at keeping secrets okay? It's just too juicy not to share with the press.”