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A small introduction

Hi everyone! Welcome to my mini-site.

My name is Karli and I'm 24 years old. I'm from the Netherlands and I love to travel to new places.
I do this mostly with my husband Patrick, my parents and with my little brother. Also I love to shoot pictures wherever I am!

I hope you guys like my posts.
For any questions, recommendations or just for a chat, just shoot me a DM!

xxx Karli

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Everyone can travel!

So what are you waiting for?

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My recommendations

Make the most out of your trip!

Hi everyone!
This page is all about my recommendations to make the most out of your trip!


Yes, classy hotels and all-in vacations are for sure nice. But nowhere as nice as the places you can book through Airbnb!

On Airbnb, you can find so many different and unique places to stay during your trip. Like a stay in a traditional nordic house in the Tatra mountains. Or sleep a night in between some Balinese ricefields. Or in an apartment in the middle of Paris.
There's so many options!

No Airbnb yet? Register now through this link for discount for your first stay:


Are you planning a trip? I'm sure you have been looking up places on social media or on Google.
Yes, those pictures probably look amazing. BUT! Don't forget that millions of other people can find those same trending pictures!

Some places are so hyped on social media, that it could result in massive crowds. And what's more disappointing then having a dozen people in front of you when you're trying to shoot a nice picture? Also, at some places it's possible you have to wait a couple hours for that Instagram shot.

I'm not saying; don't go to those places. Since they are popular for a reason! I'm just saying, that you should keep your eyes open for other nice, but hidden places. This is how we do it:

1) Scan through Google maps, names of places should pop up.
2) Look up those places in search engines.
3) Decide which ones look like worth visiting!

Don't get scared to go to those places! And also; ask locals for recommendations. Because who knows the area better then the locals?


Some planning is alright, but the more you plan, the more you keep thinking of the schedule. And what can make you more stressed then being 'behind schedule' alot?

But as said, some planning is alright. But also give yourself some space to explore a place freely. Look around and enjoy what you see. Let yourself explore and finish exploring, at your own speed. And you'll see, once the day is over, you'll feel most satisfied.


My top places to go

My top places to go in Bali!
These are some beautiful places we visited during our stay in summer 2019.
For questions just send me a DM through Instagram!

#1. Tegallalang rice fields

#2. Mount Batur


Your top recommendations for your followers

Little Poland

Your top recommendations for your followers


Your top recommendations for your followers