Only you have the power to change your current situation

hello friends!
my name is Rachel, i’m currently 20 years old working full time as a bank teller & small business owner.
i’m a small town hippie from central mass who loves all things nature, animals & crystals. i’m obsessed with reggae music & strive to spread love & light everywhere i go!

i started this business after months of fighting with myself on whether or not to take the jump & i must say, i’m forever grateful that i pushed myself aside to take this risk.
one of my goals in life is to open a coffee shop but i never really saw the whole picture until this opportunity came into my life.
just like you i was skeptical. “this sounds ways to good to be true” “there’s no way i could do that”
but times are changing!
you DONT have to work your tail off 9-5 everyday to earn a barely sustainable income.
you DONT have invest tens of though dollars on a degree, to maybe have a job when you graduate.
you CAN be successful with network marketing.
you CAN decide your own hours.
you CAN work from wherever you are.
all it takes is the hunger for success, & the dedication / self motivation to show up everyday.

& don’t for one second think you’re alone throughout your journey! I & tons of other supportive & motivating people are always by your side to train, push, & motivate you.

i would love to chat with you more about how this opportunity has changed my life & how it can change yours! my inbox is always open!