My world at your service

Here to share what I do, with you!

My roots are deep and proudly from Caracas, Venezuela. I grew up in Miami, Florida. From the moment I could stand, dance was all I knew. From arts high school to an arts college in Chicago and a B.A. in Dance to dancing in companies & different gigs, I started teaching.

I cannot tell you how much I love teaching. I’ve taught Ballet, Jazz, Modern and Hip-Hop to both kids and adults. I shifted to Pilates and Barre and have since then added Personal Training. Wellness has always been a passion of mine. Fitness, nutrition, mental health and guiding people excites me. HELPING OTHERS achieve their goals keeps me going! Helping others fall in love with themselves internally to then come into full circle with their superficial! What a humbling feeling.

And then another door of the wellness world opened for me, vegan beauty. Specifically hair and skin. For those that do not know me, my hair is EVERYTHING to me. I have always been extremely cautious with what I put in my hair. Or at least I thought I did. Until I got my hands on Monat. I was BLOWN AWAY. My hair loved every ounce of these products and later my skin joined in thanking me. All the insecurities I had having to do with my hair and skin. GONE!

This led to me joining the business side. Because why not share products that I LOVE and get paid! Why not learn how to earn residual income and work on my own time, from MY PHONE!

“What is the catch?” I asked myself. I quickly learned, THERE IS NONE. No monthly quotas, no inventory, no contracts, no need to purchase products, no commitment to anything but, my will to WANT MORE.

I am still learning. We never stop learning. Thanks to my MARVELOUS TEAM, I am continuously being challenged to be the best version of myself. It definitely is not always a joy ride. But, I am blessed to be surrounded by individuals that are hungry to grow, exchange knowledge and BE SUCCESSFUL. Because, together WE CAN.

I am still working on continuing to grow in my Personal Training and Fitness Field. That is the beauty of this business! I can do BOTH!

So, I challenge you, JOIN ME.

Allow me to be your guide, your mentor, your FRIEND. To break those boundaries, insecurities and limits that we ALL put in the way of OUR SUCCESS. To remind you, you are worth MORE. You can do MORE. Take the leap to change YOUR life and open the eyes of OTHERS.

I am here for YOU!