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My Top Summer Picks!

It’s summer!

Finding the perfect summer items can be stressful! Here you can find all of my summer favorites that I know you will love!

My top picks

Back to School!

School is right around the corner! This is both good and bad for me, since I get to see friends that I haven’t seen all summer, but it also means the summer fun days are over. However, some of these back to school items may cheer you up and get you excited about school starting again!

State Backpacks

These bags are so cute! They come in many different styles, sizes, and colors! Also, for every bag you buy, a bag is given to someone in need! I got the polyester canvas Kent bag in the color dark gray and I am in love! They are totally worth purchasing for this school year!

Simplified Planner

I love this planner! They are super practical, durable, and cute! They are the perfect size! They will keep me super organized through my first year of high school! There are so many different colors and patterns too! You can find them online or even at most of your nearby grocery stores, such as Walmart!

Herschel Settlement Case

I’m in love with this Herschel pencil case! It is super cute and the perfect size! This is a must-have for this coming school year!

Byta Bottle

This water bottle is so great! They are super minimalistic but trendy at the same time! They come in so many colors! They are bpa and toxin free and they keep your drink super cold! This is totally worth the purchase! I love them!

Herschel Kenny Lunch Bag

These are the best lunch bags! They’re super cute and they come in so many different colors and patterns! They also are very durable! If I need a new lunch box, I always buy a Herschel!

Yoobi Ballpoint Pen

These pens are the best! My mom and I swear by them! They write so smoothly and they are so cool! Glitter + Pen = so cute! They are seriously the best pens you will ever find, and they don’t break the bank!