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Once upon a time there was a little girl lost, alone, and waiting to be found. That little girl was present in the flesh, but spiritually she was away, and felt distant from those around her. There the little girl awaited a place to belong. Waiting to find her place in the world, her purpose for living. It was then one fateful day that little girl would make a discovery that would change her life from that day on.

Hi there, from the little girl that didn’t get much bigger since then, but only grew bigger in her dreams (and in age lol).

Ever since I was 10 years old (or perhaps 9 I can’t remember exactly, but let’s go with the latter since I’m a little OCD about even, and odd numbers lol) I discovered my true passion for drawing. I say true passion because before then I’ve had a love for drawing, but didn’t really know what to do with it at the time. That was until I discovered real animation, and found out I could actually do something meaningful with my art. That’s when I knew that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. In which my love of art grew, and eventually branched out to multiple creative outlets. I found a joy and hope in my artistic outlet that I never experienced before, and haven’t since. But then everything changed when the fire nation attacked (lol jk sorry, but that’s how I felt).

Along the way I lost site of that and haven’t picked up a pencil in a long time, but now I’ve found my way back to the only love I’ve ever known (besides my mom lol) and I’m trying to achieve those same dreams that I let wither. So here I am, ready to let them blossom once again, and hope to reach full bloom with your patience, and support. So please bare with me as I’m not very good yet but with practice I’ll get there, and if you manage to stick through it with me, well I thank you and sending you all my love.

P.S If you’ve read this far thank you, and I hope you have a good day today/tomorrow.

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Through Art

“I’m just trying to make a slight difference in someone’s day”- Me