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IPL means INTENSE PULSE LIGHT. They are used to permanently remove unwanted hair ,treat sun damage and age spots.


IPL laser treatment was once a privilege of the elite (wherever they may be), now with the availability of the portable version ,it has become more affordable thus millions of women and men worldwide use it for the many benefits provided .
So let's get to the point! ,
The device provides a gentle yet powerful pulsing light that penetrates the skin and targets the hair roots.
The damaged hair falls out and less hair is regrown in the area. Hair can take up to two months to regrow! Imagine being smooth for two whole months!
This process is effective in getting rid of ingrown hair which is a plus all round!
Skinny bikini here we come!!


I am no expert but based on manufacturers data they are quite effective. If the skin complexion is on the lighter side and you have dark hair then it is highly effective. Diode lasers are more suitable for highly pigmented skin ( dark skin) as they are highly adept at distinguishing between hair follicles and skin.
At home lasers work excellently on small areas of skin such as the upper lip region, armpits, bikini line ,you get the gist! Because these areas are easy to target.


If you are wondering if they are a safe alternative there has not been a longterm study on how safe they are. However if you make the decision to forge ahead ensure that you read and follow the guidelines on the device. It doesn't hurt to read up for yourself and watch lots of YouTube videos!!

Order yours via DM from our Instagram page
😊 and as usual love your neighbor be positive confident and stay beautiful!


Steps steps steps. The last one is my favorite!!πŸ‘

1. Shave, the area you are about to use the laser on. (Burning hair carries a nasty scent)

2. Turn on that magical device!

3. Adjust the mode to 1 or 2 for dark skin ( last time I checked no one ordered toast)πŸ˜—

4. Place laser on skin and flash once on each area. You can choose manual or auto flash.

5 now you are all done go moisturizeπŸ™„.

For the first 3 weeks use 3 times per week. Week 4 to 7 use once per week. After 8 weeks all the hair should be gone!! Yeah!! Use maybe once per month or depending on hair growth.


As usual thank you for stopping by . Order your laser via our Instagram DM or whatsapp.
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Love your neighbor, stay positive, confident and beautiful!!

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How to permanently remove facial hair with your at home laser

Simple steps to permanent facial hair removal.

Hello and thanks for stopping by once more. When it comes to the face it can be a touchy topic for many. I have acne and oily skin so believe me I know,but that's a topic for later😚 , so yes the topic can be a delicate subject because well , I mean it's your face !

Many people suffer from extreme facial hair growth ,ingrown hair bumps after shaving , and razor burns. Then for some women there is the matter of the ever present moustache and chin hair. Lasering can be a Great alternative to alleviating this issue permanently. As Usual it is a great idea to consult your physician before going ahead.
If you do decide to here are the simple steps below.

1 . Purchase your laser hair removal device

2. Remove all surface hair from face

3. Dry face properly

4. Plug in device, turn on , adjust settings to 1 to start. Increase the level as u progress.

5. Place device on skin and press the flash button or use the automatic settings which is what the manufacturer's recommend.
Repeat step 5 on all problem areas.

Use device twice per week for about 3 to 4 weeks then decrease to once per week.
The key here is consistency! So please be consistent the results are inevitable.

Thanks as usual for checking in to order your products send Us a DM on Instagram. Keep safe and happy and stay confident and beautiful.

Myths about Lasering debunked

Click the link below to find out the facts about laser hair treatment

Hey guys welcome back to Levels Essentials I am a big believer in getting information and facts then forming an educated opinion. There are many myths surrounding laser hair removal devices. Click the link below to see what the experts are sayiing.

Top Tips for Ingrown Hair Prevention

Ingrown hair bumps are formed when hair becomes trapped and grows under the skin instead of out like it's supposed to. Usually after being yanked out via waxing or cut via shaving. The ever capable human body treats it like a foreign object and attacks causing inflammation.
Hello nasty bump!
now you know how they got there, let's see how to prevent them , whatever your defuzzing method of choice.

1. Exfoliate , Exfoliate ,Exfoliate!
A sugar scrub will do perfectly, but If you can't get your hands on one , baking soda is my go to choice. Just make a thick paste and massage the area gently.

2. The newer the razor the better.
If you decide to go less pricey then change the razor after each use, because let's face it, they lose their edge after the first use. If you have one where the blades can be replaced then do so after 4 to 5 uses.

3. Shower or wash your face before shaving. This allows the skin to be warm and softer so the blade does'nt have work so hard.

4. Shave in the direction the hair is growing.

5. Last but not least AFTER CARE . This is most important because the hair follicles are open for sometime after hair removal.
Moisturize, Moisturize ,Moisturize!
keeping the skin soft helps hair to grow out instead of being trapped.
And avoid excess sweating for at least a day. Sweat breeds bacteria. In Jamaica this can be tough but if you can follow through then all the better.

As always thank you so much for dropping in ! stay safe and positive and Self love and confidence in all you do.



So you are standing in the kitchen cooking ...let's say stew chicken and the thought just pops into your head, hmmm how much do I really spend on razors per month? Per week?...no? well it's not something one would really ever think about while laying in bed now would they? However, if you are a responsible adult its worth a thought.
It's hard earned cash leaving your pocket or your bank account , on an item that we could probably live without but for the sake of any sex life whatsoever we would rather not. πŸ€—

The average female will shave at least 12 times per month , but a small percentage, ( 11%) , will shave daily. On a regular approximately $2500 is spent on razors monthly and definately more if you add shaving creams and hair removal creams like Nair for example. Multiply that figure by a year πŸ˜—! So during the course of her lifetime, you dear beautiful woman will whip out over two million ( $2,000,000 JMD ) on shaving alone. Thats alot of zeros ! Do I have your attention now?😏
This research was done by The American Laser Centers so yeah it's a thing. I understand that the numbers may differ slightly for Jamaicans, but not by much.
I did not add the amount spent to rage war with black heads after shaving or waxing . I did not add the water used
. I also did not calculate the price of waxing for those who do but waxing is considerably more expensive however, I assume a light bulb should have gone off by now. And I did not add the time spent to do these deeds. So get your pen and paper sit down and think about it.

How often do you shave or wax? How much time do you spend on the process? How much do you spend on the products you use? What else could you be using that money on? What other options do you have?πŸ€”

If this info struck a nerve leave a comment below our IG post.
😍 Now go back to your stew chicken
thank you for stopping by.

P.S Our permanent hair removal handsets are available for purchase. They offer 10 years plus of hair removal ,the same results you would get if you paid big bucks in a clinic . Suitable for males and females .you get a discount simply by following our page.🀩❀❀ I'm awesome ,thank you, thank youπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

How permanent is IPL/laser hair removal.


So you wake up brush your teeth, hit the shower, shave, rinse off, comb your hair, put on your make up, put on your clothes, grab your mug of coffee or tea or whatever, and hit the road.
Next day you do it all again. Including the shaving. If you really dislike hair this can be really frustrating.
You will want to seek out more permanent means of hair removal. So the question then is since laser or IPL is the answer how long does permanent really mean?

Speaking from the IPL handset stand point.

IPL basically is hot light penetrating the hair pigments and going to the roots, damaging them to a point where hair growth is inhibited.
This only works on hair in a certain stage of growth. And since each hair has a different hair growth cycle, and damaging doesn't mean dead ,then it is unlikely that the hair will be gone forever and ever amen! no! Some hair will keep growing back for a while ,but it will take a very long time to do so. and even when it does grow back it will be thinner and much easier to manage.
This also explains why you need more than one zap to get rid of all that hair. Permanent results are achieved over a period of time ,yes? For some people faster than others in some cases.
so IPL ,then can be considered an effective hair reduction method.
Your IPL handset is not a magic wand you must be consistent . People will see different results based on how Their hair grows, or if they have darker or lighter skin.
The pros though ,way outshine the cons and it's amazing to throw on a bikini or sleeveless blouse or dress without having to run to the bathroom and shave first. It is also great to not have to spend half of a Sunday morning picking at hair bumps. cleaning a clogged bathroom drain or swimming in alcohol after a shave.

This handset works wonders and it is our dream to help as many people save more hours ,save more money and in some cases regain lost confidence and put their best skin forward.

Send us a DM on our Instagram page to get started on you journey to glowing skin all year long .