Modern Pioneers

Mod·ern Pi·o·neers

An adventurous and slightly crazy couple who have decided to sell their comfy and spacious home in the suburbs of Reno, NV.. Donate any personal belongings that don’t sell… and move into an RV surrounded by 10 acres of land . purchased in Grass Valley California
with the sale proceeds.

Don, Diana, their 13 year old son, Eli, and their four 150lb dogs will call this happy camper home for the next year. And yes.. That’s 600 pounds of dogs in a camper.

The remaining proceeds will go into building our next chapter. We are excited to announce the creation of~

Ruff Housing Refuge
A non-profit emergency ani al shelter designed to provide space to the animals of wild-fire evacuees and domestic abuse victims.

Did you know that a large percent of domestic violence victims choose to stay in this life threatening situation simply because most shelters do not accept pets? They fear leaving their animal with their abuser, as pets are often abused along with their owner. This leaves two options: The financial ability to board their pet or surrender them to animal services. I discovered this gap in services years ago... while trying to escape an abusive partner, yet being trapped with my dogs. Thankfully I got out alive, after staying far too long.

Did you know that most local animal services only have the capability of a 5 day emergency hold at their facilities? With the increase of size, frequency, and ferocity of the wildfires spreading through California, along grows the demand for emergency facilities to shelter the animals of evacuees, and those who have lost everything.

Visit us at Ruff Housing Refuge