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Rustic Living is a Modern & Contemporary Furniture Manufacturer. We love to give interior design ideas for stylish and rustic living. Rustic Living likes to push the boundaries to produce unique and exquisite luxury furniture at reasonable prices along with creating your very own custom designs🌾

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Chanél C-Table

R2 200,00

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. Inspired by Coco Chanel for her timeless designs and elegant taste. Rustic Living SA presents to you our own Chanél C-Table

As the Famous Designer once Said, “Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it’s not luxury,” we at @rusticlivingsa couldn’t agree more! While being super stylish yet unique, our design comes with a whole bunch of Reasons why our Chanél C-Table is a must in every home:
• Close
• Compact
• Clever
• Convenient

While enjoying the comfort of your Sofa, the Chanél C-Table couldn’t be more convenient, close, compact or clever

•Height: 690mm
•Width: 305mm
•Length: 505mm

•Beautiful White Marble Looking top
•Base: (Antique Gold or Black)

Chanél C-Table

R2 200,00

•690mm H x 305mm W x 505mm L

•Beautiful white Marble looking Top
•Base: (Antique Gold or Black)

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance. Inspired by Coco Chanél for her timeless designs and elegant taste, @Rusticlivingsa presents to you our Chanél C-Table.

As the famous designer once said, “Luxury must be comfortable otherwise it’s not luxury,” we at @Rusticlivingsa couldn’t agree more! While being super stylish yet unique , our design comes with a whole bunch of reasons why our Chanél C-Table is a must in every home:

While enjoying the comfort of your Sofa, the Chanél C-Table couldn’t be more Convenient, Close, Compact and Clever.

The Michaelangelo Coffee Table

R7 900,00- R9 500,00

Quarts & Powder Coating Finishing:

Quarts Options:
Black Marble Finish
White Marble Finish

Powder Coating options for Framework/metal base:
•Rustic Gold
•Metallic Silver
•Matte Black

Pricing according to Quartz & Powder Coating dimensions:
•900mm x 900mm x 450mm - R9 500,00
•800mm x 800mm x 450mm - R8 900,00
•600mm x 600 mm x 450mm - R7 900,00

Electroplating Options (Framework/Metal base):
•Gold (Polished to a mirror finish)
•Rose Gold (Polished to a mirror finish)
•Chrome (Polished to a mirror finish)

Pricing According to Quartz + Electroplating dimensions:
•900mm x 900mm x 450mm - R13 500,00
•800mm x 800mm x 450mm - R12 900,00
•600mm x 600mm x 450mm - R11 500,00

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Few materials evoke high-end living as simply and effectively as marble. It has been used for some of the world’s most notable structures, from the Pantheon in Rome and the Taj Mahal in Agra to more contemporary buildings, such as London’s Marble Arch and the Peace Monument in Washington DC. Favoured by artists since ancient times, it was in full flower during the Renaissance: Michelangelo’s “David” is just one of the marble sculptures that helped shape the Western concept of aesthetics.

Marble continued to signify wealth through both the Renaissance and Victorian Eras. Considering that there still existed a great degree of difficulty and expense involved in obtaining marble, it still only served as a material to be used in churches, government buildings and mansions.

@Rusticlivingsa is now proud to present our latest piece called “The Michelangelo Coffee Table” which has been named after the pioneer of the Renaissance Era Who. Brought a new sense of aesthetics to the world.

@Rusticlivingsa hopes to create a new era in modern home living, creating a sense of class and wealth in the smallest of homes to the biggest.

Giza Coffee Table

Price dependent on desired dimensions

To this day the Great Pyramids of Giza remain apart of the 7 wonder of the ancient world. After thousands of years they have left an imprint in the society often compared with wealth and royalty.

Because of its shape, any energy that enters the pyramid has the ability to be cleansed and purified. Almost like the pyramid acts like a filter of sorts. This is because pyramids are said to generate negative ions which can balance the body’s electromagnetic field and deliver healing.

This brings us to our “Giza coffee Table collection “ inspired by the ancient world this design strives to bring a sense of amazement and a sense of awe to anyone who enters the room, while at the same time giving off a positive energy.

@Rusticlivingsa strives to create a sense of uniqueness in anyone’s home by creating extravagant pieces like “The Giza Coffee Table Collection.”

More information on sizes, prices and finishes to follow soon.

Fire Tower

R3 500,00 - R4 500,00

We currently have 2 sizes available:
•180cm H x 40cm x 40cm B - R3 500,00
•180cm H x 60cm x 60cm B - R4 500,00

Each Tower comes with:
•x2 bags of wood
•Small Spade

With Winter on our doorstep, @Rusticlivingsa has the solution to keep you and your guests warm on those chilly winter days.

Introducing our “Hottest” new addition, we are proud to present the “FIRE TOWER”.

Standing at 180cm tall and 40cm - 60cm wide, our modern take on this mobile fire place is a cozy must have in every home this winter.

Greenery & Striped Wooden Panel

Greenery R350,00 - Striped Wooden Panel R990

•Greenery (500mm x 500mm) - R350 per piece
•Striped Wooden Panel (2200mm x 1000mmm) - R950 per panel

No matter how big or small, every corner of your home has the potential to make your guests jaws drop in awe.

Utilising greenery allows you to make a small corner stand out to anyone who enters your home . With a touch of naturalistic wood it tends to round everything Df just perfectly!

Pampas Grass

You may have already noticed these wheat-toned bouquets of grass appearing in the homes of your favourite Instagram accounts. With long slender stems and feathery, flourishing tufts up top, who would have thought that, of all things we could stick in a vase, grass would be a top contender? When dried, the flower head plumes make beautiful arrangements and other ornamental displays. The neutral colour along with the wild texture perfectly complements decor, adding a vintage feel that brings warmth and liveliness to otherwise dull spaces.

8 Reasons

Why mirrors are a must in any home:

1)?Mirrors Produce the illusion is space 2) Mirrors make a statement
3) Mirrors increase a rooms appeal
4) Mirrors maximise a rooms lighting
5) Mirrors bring a good energy to a room
6) Mirrors keep you looking sharp
7) Mirrors offer additional security
8) Mirrors are a tasteful way to hide imperfections

Make sure to add this amazing piece to your home.

Bordeux Mirror, Black frame

(1000mm x 1500mm)
R3 999,00 from @coricraft_sa

Coricraft Bordeux mirror


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