Direct Response Copywriter for Consultants, Coaches, and Course Creators.

Attract Leads and Paying Clients using Emotionally Compelling and Intellectually Interesting Marketing Copies

Have you noticed that it keeps getting more difficult to grab people's attention in today's busy world?

And if you can't get your audience's attention… 

Then, it becomes difficult to make a sale,

...not to talk of hitting that dream target of yours.

Plus making that ungodly sum of money.

See, if you can't get your audience to read your marketing copies…

...Then being an information marketer, coach, or course creator becomes frustrating.

Look, your target audience is exposed to loads of information online daily.

And if your sales messages are not 




Then, your audience sees it as another Ad trying to sell them another thing.

And what do you think they do?

You guessed right.

They leave your boring marketing copy.

And move to something new, interesting, and exciting.

So what?

How is this going to make you;

Attract your leads, 

Get a flood of paying clients,

Hit that sale and financial target,

Live the life you've dreamt of,

Go on a vacation with your loved ones,

Donate to charitable organizations.

This is where I can help.

My name is Ruth Fadugba.

I help coaches, information marketers, course creators to attract leads and get a pool of paying clients using emotionally compelling and intellectually interesting marketing copies in this busy world.


Ruth helped in closing 30 clients in 7days for my copywriting course as a copywriting coach.. I'll highly recommend her to anyone.

Mentor Ashade M. Benedict
Founder of the Institute of copywriting

How can I help you?

I'll study your business,

Look into your audience to understand their problems,

Create a sales funnel that will yield high ROI,

Find your BIG IDEA,

Create an irresistible offer for your info. products to convert strangers into loyal customers and even advocates.


1. Landing Page

If you are not using your Landing page to get the contact address of your website visitors you are wrong.

And leaving a lot of money on the table.

I'll help you create a landing page that resonates with your ideal client to keep them glued to your info product.

2. Long-Form Converting Sales Page

Tired of sales Page not converting?

Two things must be involved.

No BIG IDEA and Your OFFER is weak.

I'll create a high-converting sales page for your digital product.

With my secret formula that will make your customers keep begging you to take their money.

3. Email Copy

Is staying on top of the mind of your audience with quality content difficult for you?

Let me help you create an attention Email copy that will get open. ..

... build relationships with your subscribers, and generate sales.

4. Facebook Ad Copy

Tired of Ads Account getting banned?

Worry no more.

I'll help you create high-converting Ad copy for your information products.

5. Social Media Content.

Tired of ideas not coming forth? Good news!

I'll help you become a thought leader in your niche,

And build your brand awareness with high-quality content on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

Would you like to jump on a zoom call with me for 15minutes free consultation?

If yes.

Message me on WhatsApp +2347032493561.

Or Email me at ruthfadugba@gmail.

To book a slot.

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