My own boss!

I'm here to serve you & my Lord

My name is Ruth Bouret I am a former Culinary Arts student, my dream is to open up my own Bakery one day but I need a stable income to do so, I've been looking for jobs left and right unfortunately I haven't found anything stable yet, however that hasn't stopped me to reach my goal.

I love serving other people anyway I can & help them achieve their goals & dreams, something unique about me, I love baking and I can bake anything and everything. I can bake something from my head without a recipe (pretty cool right); I am a follower of christ & wish to be a better person each day while helping others become their best selfs.

I partnered with a Vegan anti-aging hair & skin care company which I am in love with, this company helped me increase my confidence, help me meet awesome men & women from different places and overall has guided me to a better enriched life.

I also just got engaged!!!! I am so excited, I started saving up for my dream wedding can't wait to see what God has for my future!

I am here to guide you every step of the way, train you to get you to where you want to be, I am still running to the finish line but we can run together.

You might think this opportunity is not for you but I am here to tell you it is, it doesn't matter what you do professionally, your culture or your occupation I am here to guide you to a better future.

Take my own boss questionnaire to get you started in this new life transformation journey.

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My Goal Is To
*Guide you to a better life
*help increase your confidence
*help you get that hair & skin you always dreamed of.

Yours truly,
Ruth Bouret