Changing others lives

I am ready to help you change your life !!!

Hi !! My name is Ruth Lee and I share my love for my plant based health & wellness supplements with others & make new friends all thru my cell phone 📱!!!

I had no idea that this business would help me boost my self confidence, gain some of my BEST friends , have so much support , FUN, FREEDOM, along with paying off some debt & save along the way !! Who wouldn’t want that - right?!

I am married with 2 kids , a daughter who goes to Penn State on line & works full time & my som will. Be graduating from high school & going into the workforce & more education in his field of choice , plus our wonderful 14 year old yellow lab , Batista ❤️. I enjoy being outside walking , working in my flowers & walking along with taking pictures. I also work full time from home for a trucking company for going on 28 years & caregiver for my mom & YES I am able to run my own business from my phone 📱at my leisure !!

For me it’s a matter of deciding what is best for me & my family . The supplements help me feel more energy , more focus , less bloated , lose some weight in my hips/ mid section & all around feel great !!

I make it my own , work my own hours in my day & night - It’s All Up to Me!! I have been able to promote twice in the last 5 months & with support of my team- we work this together!!

I would love to be able to help you do the same 😊

If you are curious , willing to learn , and be motivated for MORE - message me or fill out the app in my bio 😊

Thanks - Ruth

Ruth Lee