What's this?

Finally. FINALLY. I finally made it here.

I decided over a year ago to start an art business but I've never been able to make real progress on it. The biggest piece of advice every successful artist gives is "find a niche". Its the first step, and surprisingly the most difficult step for me. Whenever I tried to double down on what I really wanted to do in art I could never settle on one style, one medium. I like making everything. I like learning about everything. I couldn't ever just pick one, it always seemed so limited. So I spent a long time waiting for my opportunities to just come to me, for luck to come push me into success. And of course it never really worked.

A month into quarantine I decided I'd make a real effort to get this business off the ground. I decided to keep all my art styles and all my art mediums and just keep creating. I designed and painted and sketched and uploaded and digital arted and. I just kept going until I got here. And now I'm here. I made it this far :)

What you have come to is the beginning of all that work. I have stuck with my multitude of art styles and started spreading them out over platforms. In the next card, you'll find links to my portfolio, Etsy and Redbubble! There will be more products and more links up in the future, so stay tuned!

Thank you, my lovelies ❤