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RX Super Spa is the destination got people who want results. And who want them immediately. It's nice to treat ourselves to relaxing treatments that make us feel great, but for most people these days are super busy and just don't have time for 6-12 treatments or cant spend hours at their favorite day spa slowly improving their skin and body. ✅

Our combination of patented facial, depilatory and body slimming services can offer you results in less time. With less pain. Zero side effects and for less moola!

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Our Super Partners

Check out our amazing partners and their transformation with RX Super Spa

We are in love with the transformation these lovelies have experienced with us at RX Super Spa. To some people these transformations might be very minimal but between athlete and bodybuilders, shedding that 5 lbs can be difficult or achieving the smooth and cellulite-free skin might be impossible. We are here to help people of every skin color, hair color and body type to achieve the body and look of their dreams! 💙


Adriana Gentile

Adriana is a certified personal trainer with her diploma in sports nutrition alongside many other certifications such as pre & post natal fitness & TRX suspension training.
She has mastered converting her brand from in-person training to online coaching & blazing the trail to teach others how to do it for themselves 💯
With RX Super Spa she is working on getting extra finessed by undergoing StarBody Bodysculpting treatments and soon we'll also be working together for a few IPL+ treatments to help with anti-aging and a little bit of scarring.


Mike Sheffer

Civil Engineer, Entrepreneur, Family man, Mike Sheffer is living the dream! As an award winning body builder and entrepreneur he is an inspiration to everyone. And literally one of the nicest, most down to earth people you'll ever meet. On top of that Mike is also a champion competitor as an IFBB Pro in Men's physique and has claimed the title of Mr. Canada in 2019!
On our end, Mike is working with RX Super Spa and our StarBody BodySculpting system to increase his toning and speed up his muscle recovery post work-out. We are also doing a bit of work with our IPL+ give his already gorgeous face a bit of lift and some acne control!


Nilou Fard

Nilou is a total #BossBabe. After meeting her through Instagram and then setting up an in-person meeting our RX Super Team knew right away that she would be perfect as an RX Super Partner. With multiple businesses under her management and being an industry Influencer herself, we are so excited to offer her the opportunity.


Ryan Lalonde

The epitome of masculinity as you know it, Ryan is a totally baller dude who owns two really amazing companies (check out BioMed Pharmaceuticals & WeedHub), has impeccable style and clearly loves the pump! 
As an RX Super Partner, Ryan is doing the StarBody Bodysculpting treatments and as well the IPL+ Photofacial treatments. After he came in for a free consultation we were able to proceed with the treatment.