About Myself

Why i love photography?

Hello! I'm Ryan, a senior high school student. Some of my photos was taken last year and the others is latest, let me share it to you my own photos that i captured!

Photography was a part of my habits and I'm trying my best to learn more a lot of photography skills, and i want to achieve it someday.

When i was in middle school i don't really focus in taking pictures like this, basically i tried to explore more about this, suddenly i tired and quit of course i focusing on my studies.

From now, i realized that photography was a huge part of my life and i can post it on my Facebook and Instagram, in free time i taking pictures to appreciated the surroundings. Sometimes i captured basics like Skies, Eye, Plants, Portrait, etc. I'm thankful also that people like my photographs and sending some compliments about my skills and they love my post on social media.

Most often i used VSCO app (my favorite one) occasionally i used Adobe Lightroom, like simple thing to do how i edited 'cause their presets and recipes are high quality editing software. VSCO is a great app because some community creators have been featured in their journal, and me, still using this app from last year, I'm inspired also to all photographers and creators that they deserve the honor of doing great shots and angle of art photography that can emphasize the whole world to be appreciated the beauty and aesthetically photos, a lot of them still doing this hobby that you cannot be bored of doing this...

My dream is to be a photographer i have lot of understanding of how would be the perfect shot like this, and still believe in self to create a craziness and being awesome too!

I hope you understand my short experiences of how am i interested in photography, it's simple and comfortable, and also i'm using a phone 'cause it's light and easy to captured of what you liked!