About Me

Ryan Matthew, CEO/Trainer of Stay Focused Hoops

I am a professional basketball player looking to share my knowledge of the game with the youth. I played four years at the collegiate level (2 years @ Oakton Community College and 2 years @ Robert Morris University) where I was awarded multiple accolades such as All-Conference, All-Region, Player of the week (3x) and was ranked nationally for multiple statistic categories. This came after being overlooked in high school at the varsity level and only playing Freshman B-Team, Sophomore and JV my junior year. I pride myself on out working people who were bigger and even more talented than myself. I never gave up on my goals and knew if I trained the right way, and studied the game that my efforts would pay off. Not bad for a kid that never played a minute of varsity basketball and went on to pursue his dream of being a pro. While there are things that can get in the way of our goals such as politics in all levels of sports, the work you put in will ALWAYS show.

I am now looking to share what I have learned (the hard way) to athletes who love the game as much as I did and want to prove they can achieve their goals like I did mine. Passion CAN be taught and developed. Skill is extremely valuable, but mentality can be the difference between a good athlete and great one. That is why my training and personal motto is “STAY FOCUSED”. Everyone has lapses and can be defeated, but how you respond will determine how far you go- life is, after all, a marathon, not a sprint. I would be lying if I said I was never worried about the outside noise and naysayers, but I understood that production on the court or lack thereof, is directly impacted by how I trained and how seriously I took my craft (including all aspects: conditioning, skill training, recovery, film study, nutrition, and life outside of hoop as well). If you or your son/daughter wants to train with me, they will have access to my knowledge of all the above resources and I will work with them to develop the best plan for them to succeed.



Session Costs and Monthly Deals

I offer individual and group sessions, conditioning/strength sessions, film sessions, and various packages.

Current Availability:

Monday-Thursday: 4:30PM-8:30PM
- Skill Training ONLY
Friday-Sunday: 8:00AM-8:00PM
- Skill Training and Strength/Conditioning

*I prefer to do individual training sessions, but am willing to train 5 players (max) in one session, to form a group session. If you or your daughter/son are looking to improve their game, then you have found the right trainer!

*Strength/Conditioning sessions will be held Saturday/Sundays until further notice.

  1. Skill Training

    Individual session: $40
    Group session: $30 per athlete (max 5 athletes per session)

  2. Conditioning/Strength

    Conditioning/Strength: $20

  3. Film

    Film session: $20 (Film breakdown only)
    Film study packages: $15 (video playlist created-able to watch at any time)

  4. Monthly Packages

    1 Month Package: $600 (Max of 22 training sessions)
    3 Month Package: $1,850 (Max of 64 training sessions)
    6 Month Package: $3,600 (Max of 130 training sessions)
    1 Year Package: $9,000 (Unlimited training-exceptions being certain holidays)

    *Includes your combination choice of all types of training sessions (Basketball, strength/conditioning).

    *With Package Deals you can choose to go with group or individually and price is the same.

Trainer Highlights

My expertise is the point guard and shooting guard positions, but I can teach all positions on the court. Some things that I take pride in as a trainer AND player are shooting/scoring, communicating on the court, creating offense for myself and others, creating your own shot, being able to control offense, leadership, defense, and self-less basketball! My training style is catered to helping improve strengths AND weaknesses. Not every athlete is the same, and early stages of development will need individualized or small group training to maximize results. After I breakdown a players game I can make a plan for gradual and immediate improvements. Basketball is my passion and I take it very seriously, so I expect players to come into training with an open mind and understand that my intent is to get them BETTER! I am here to push athletes, while also help them understand the game more. Let’s work!

  1. Eurobasket Summer Leauge Highlights

  2. Robert Morris University Highlights

  3. Oakton Community College Highlights

Ready to work?

All you need is a ball and an open mind.