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hiiii - welcome to where I talk about some of my passions in life

I am 20 years old and counting and let’s be honest, I am in a phase of life where everything is so uncertain. You might feel the same way. Though things may be out of my control, I’m okay with that because I serve a God so great. One that knew his plan for my life before I took my first breath. So while I’m figuring out life, I’m going to focus on my passions that God gave me the gift of being great at.

I love clothes and fashion. Putting together outfits and online shopping is one of my fav things to do. I also have chronic health issues that have led me to living a cleaner life like eating clean and choosing non-toxic products. I am very knowledgeable about hair and skin and for over a year I have studied and used the best products out there...and I mean BEST. So I love doing that and if you need help I’m your girl, links are on the next page. But I’m not just talking about beauty products when I said non-toxic. I mean EVERYTHING. So keep up with my posts on here and YouTube for more on that.

I’m also a junior in college at Sam Houston State University where I’m studying to be a functional medicine nurse for newborns. Now I am not street smart, but I know my science. God gave me the gift of being able to understand the human body easily than most and I’m taking advantage of it. My life long health issues have pushed me to want to help little ones from day 1 in a way that wasn’t offered 20 years ago. I want to help a child like I couldn’t be helped.

You may be reading this and thinking well it sounds like you’ve got it figured out to me. Well, I don’t. The illness I’ve been struggling with makes it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So come along in my journey of growing my faith, pursuing my passions in hopes of helping others, and trying to make the most of everyday instead of just getting by.

Welcome ❤︎