About Me

Business has always been an interest of mine, however, while at the University of Utah my interest in public relation, media, and journalism flourished above. Graduating with a degree in Strategic Communications this next Spring, I am excited to dive into the professional world of communications.

I strongly believe that communications is the field to be in; with the rise of social media and controversy, businesses need individuals who can monitor and in-act on campaigns and/or ads in an influential matter that conveys the great majority’s thoughts. Because many businesses are trying to portray an image or persuade a service and/or product, communications is universal. Communications is universal because it tends to lend itself to any niche, or as stated above, business.

While looking into my degree at the University, and applying it to the real world, I was shocked as to how many communication major related jobs there were. Coming from the business world of analytics and finance, I was excited to see that creativity and public relations is not only a want, but a need.

My experience within the communications field includes, working with individuals on marketing campaigns, personal relations, creating strategic plans, account managing, supply chain needs, and developing products and/or services. I am particularly niched within the nutrition field but want to branch out into other areas I feel I would add value, these areas include, but are not limited to, fashion, fitness, social media, food, music, animals, beauty and events.

Let me help you become your best brand or self all while gaining experience within the field of my expertise,

Why Lush?

Here’s My Why:

Walking into a Lush store you cannot find a single flaw. Between being a sustainable cruelty free brand, they have also found ways to be creative and make users feel they are buying something of value. In the world today, people want to take part in brands that are trying to “better” our community, all while still buying a product that seems fit to pricing and meets wants/needs.

Because of the sustainable and organic nature of Lush, I believe this company will continue to grow and expand. Due to supply chain demands, Lush has struggled with keeping inventory, however, that to me means the branding is going to be a luxury item at fair pricing when stock steadily comes in. Lush will be bigger and better than ever before within the next five years.

Lush’s branding and ethical practices are extremely intriguing to me. They come from humble beginnings and have kept to their “We Believe” core values. Anyone would be lucky to work for a brand not only stating but practicing ideals that will better our World’s future.

About Lush

Who’s Lush?

Lush’s success story begins in the early 70’s when Mark Constantine and Liz Weir met at a beauty salon in Poole, England. Both individuals believed in natural beauty products and began their first venture- Cosmetics to Go.

Cosmetics to Go was a mail-to-order company that offered exclusive items popular to Lush’s branding now, these include: bath bombs, solid shampoo bars, and massage bars. Within these humble beginnings is where Lush began to pride themselves on fighting against animal cruelty. However, Cosmetics to Go had a quick “go about”, closing its doors nearly six years in and never succeeding to the vision.

After Cosmetics to Go’s abrupt ending, the first Lush shop opened in 1995 in the Poole, England area. According to Lush’s website, the store had a simple design, ethical buying policies, ingredient “journeys”, zero waste, and ethical practices “from start to finish”. This is what intrigued Mark and Karen Wolverton when traveling through England to open their own shop in Vancouver, Canada.

Since, Lush has grown rapidly. Lush Cosmetics has over 446 stores globally. Mark Constantine the companies CEO’s net worth is set at around 5 million, all while Lush is set to hit 545 million 25 years in.

Lush is a desirable product because they relay on innovative focuses alike sustainability and green ingredients. They have sought to break free from fossil fuels and support organizations alike Black Lives Matter- all while still remaining to their “roots” of fighting animal cruelty since Cosmetics to Go. “Charity Pot also became a way for the brand to turn its resources into charitable giving to create positive change in the world. With every purchase of Charity Pot, 100% of its purchase price is donated to grassroots groups working in the areas of animal protection, human rights and environmental justice. Lush customers have bought more than 3.5 million pots since its launch, raising more than $50 million for thousands of projects around the world.”-Lush Online

When putting in the research to Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, a statement from Spoon University stood out, “Lush is a cruelty-free and organic brand. They fight animal testing, provide fresh cosmetics, are 100% vegetarian, all while having handmade products. Lush sells a wide range of products from face masks to shampoo bars. They have trendy, yet different, products that you don't see at normal stores.”

Lush “sits around the table” along with Bath and Body Works and The Body Shop- both brands are well known and have flourished for many years. What makes Lush unique to these brands is they are, again, actively trying to stay involved within the community, in-trust and personally brand products to make employees feel special, and have a unique brand unlike the rest that has and will continue to “trend”. Innovation remains a key factor to Lush’s business ideals and success.

Per the website, “Lush’s journey is ongoing. And as it continues to grow and evolve in ways that keep breaking new ground in the cosmetics industry.” From the soap bars to the perfumes, Lush is un-matched. They ensure the journey of their products are “beautifully” sourced and are 100% transparent from start to finish. Again, Lush offers not only products, but an experience no one else in the industry can.