How I Found My Groove

Hi y’all! I’m Sabrina!

I’m 29 years old, I live in California. I share a beautiful life with my boyfriend of 8 years and I’m a mother of ✌🏼to two little fur babes my tortoiseshell cats Zoe and Annie. I love a variety of music genres, experimenting in the kitchen, and just kicking back at home with my favorite little team-my family!

A year ago now I found the opportunity to finally step outside of my comfort zone, which then gave me the opportunity to find a self love for myself. But even more so, It has given me the chance to help those in need with any skin concerns they may have and help them find that confidence like these products have helped me find mine. I had never even heard of Rodan and Fields, then once I found out they were the founders of Pro-Active which we’ve all heard of 🙋🏻‍♀️ then I was like ohhhh yeahhhhh lol

I never thought I would be a consultant or anything that involved having to sell something lol…. The thought of that pictured me going door to door, showing up in front of someone’s door step and them looking at me through the peep hole acting like nobody is home 😆 cringing feeling right? Now that social media has taken over and is doing away with all of that, I had to really learn the social media world as I am living in dinosaur times when it comes to Instagram or Facebook. Being a private person and let’s not forget the thought of “what others might think” the judgey eyes as people watch my stories, I had to leave that crap in the gutter! WHO-F*****G-CARESSSS lol So social media has been an adjustment, but I’ve found a way to still show up as my authentic self and just keep it real and it has definitely eased this new roll I’ve taken on and has been so much fun!

So rewind back to becoming a consultant. Knowing that Proactive had been successful for over a decade and all the lives it changed, it was a no brainer to put my trust into Rodan and Fields. I’ve always suffered from cystic acne (that I had to ride out for a week, that was real funnnn) and it has left behind scars and uneven texture on my cheek area and I HAD to wear makeup because I never wanted my dark circles or dull skin to be exposed. But this product line is designed by two very experienced dermatologists, who have a company devoted to developing the best skin care products possible and is designed to address specific skin concerns for men, women and children and they do so with the upmost care. So I jumped right in and became the girl who just went for it!

This product line has not only helped me, but I’m honored to serve those in need and it leaves behind a warm feeling inside because we should always feel confident bare face and all!

I never finished college. I couldn’t answer the question of what I wanted to do because I didn’t even know myself! I had no passion and it made me so depressed and it just flat out sucked! All through my 20’s I had always been between jobs and I always felt this emptiness inside like “what the hell are you doing with your life Sabrina!?” I was never consistent with anything and it ate at me so much and knowing others noticed it too. But I never apologized for being so unsure of what I wanted to do, because I always knew I was capable of so much more. Retail was not it, sitting behind a computer desk getting bitched at over the phone annoyed me, experiencing bad management only making me not want to show up. But now I get to show up for myself everyday with a smile on my face and share what I love doing with all of you. I finally found my purpose working with this company, and it has helped me make the decision to go to school to become a licensed Esthetician! The excitement I have for this new journey is through the roof and it’s taken me awhile to find this feeling and get here!

It would be an honor to serve you and help you meet your skincare needs and desires. And just remember, just because things aren’t jumpin’ for you right now or you feel you haven’t found your groove yet trust me when I say you’ll find it! It just takes some people a little longer, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It took me 10 years! 🤪 You’re never too old and it’s never too late. Believe in yourself and just go for it. 🖤


Below is a 2 minute skin quiz you can take to get product recommendations coming straight from our doctors! This will help give you a better idea as well as myself to find out what right direction we’re headed in!