Hi My Friend

Stop Dreaming Your Life Away, Go Out There and Make those Dreams Reality

Hi, I’m glad you stopped by! If you’re here reading this, it’s for a reason so stick around for a bit. My name is Sabrina Follini, I’m a 31 year old with a passion for beauty, fashion, traveling, freedom, helping others and I’m a HUGE EMPATH.

Just like you I bet, I also went to school… for years, got my college degree and worked my regular job straight out of college as a behavioral therapist. I’ve been working with kids on the spectrum for 8 years which I’ve always loved doing because like I said, I have a passion for helping others but my job has also taken a huge toll on me, I was becoming stressed, overwhelmed and burnt out at such a young age, missing out on so much time with loved ones and unable to enjoy my days.

In 2017 I partnered with leading global anti aging hair care brand in the industry, with intentions to work it alongside my full time job just to make some extra $ and gain a positive support system. Fast forward 4.5 years, I’ve turned this into my full time income, I’ve made my best friends through this business, I’ve traveled on several earned trips, I no longer have a car payment to worry about and I just bought my first home. I get to help people feel more beautiful & confident every single day, and I get to help so many others change their lives in the same way mine has changed

Maybe your dream isn’t exactly like mine, maybe you’re not looking to leave your full time job, but whatever dream you have, whatever you life you wish you could have, we will have you dreaming bigger. I would love to be not just your mentor guiding you through this business venture but a great friend along the way🤍