Drum Weave Gathering

An overnight camp out to hand weave a drum and commune with nature.

Hi! I’m Ashlynne Moon! πŸŒ™

What makes me, me?!

I am a Lemurian Priestess of Intuitive Healing Arts. I’ve come to Earth, from the Andromeda Galaxy, to Activate the Light Codes held with the Human DNA, and assist in Mother Earth’s Ascension from fear to Love!


Okay, so what does all of that mean?

Each day I recommit to my Divine Mission to Fully Embody my Highest Self. This commitment to self, is what shapes the reality I create. To live each moment as Love itself, that’s the Mission.

I am here as a Healer, a Way Shower, a Divine Conduit for the Highest Frequencies to Embody in the Physical.

I assist you in Remembering how to Heal yourself. How to live in Unity with the natural commUNITY of Mother Gaia, herself. How to be your Highest Self in every moment.

If you feel like we resonate, I would love to hear from you. Let’s connect, and share the Wisdom we have for one another!

Aloha ✨ Namaste

Drum Creation Workshop & Ceremony

Can you feel the call of the Sacred Drum within your chest? Would you like the experience of hand-crafting your own drum, Consciously weaving your Intentions into it?

From the very first moment I heard the beating of a Drum Circle in the distance, I knew I needed to be part of that Magic. I found myself being led towards the rhythmic drumming by my dog, Colonel Bogey, and an undeniable pull from deep within my Soul. Once I had made it to this Circle of Wild Women and Men, drumming in Unison, I knew what I had to do. After the Circle had ended, a woman came to me and offered to teach me her way of drum making, it was as if she had heard my thoughts.

I made my first drum shortly after discovering this Drum Circle, and have been drumming ever since.

To say that day changed my life, is an understatement. With the help of my drums, I have discovered connection in a way I had never imagined before. Now, I would like to share this with you!

My Intention is to teach you the Divine Art of hand-crafting an instrument that will help you create the vibration and frequency of your life.

To truly drop into our Heart-Center, I am offering Soul Lift Cacao at the beginning of our time together. We will open our circle by communing with the Animals, the Beings, that have become the hides we will turn into our drums. Honoring their Life Force, and commitment to help us raise the Collective Consciousness to Higher Frequencies, through Vibrational Medicine. We will set Intentions and infuse our materials with our prayers, offerings, & dreams. Once we have journeyed deep into our Sound Medicine Wheel, we will flow into the Weaving of our drums. Of course, playing our drums with our hands can be fun, but having a drum stick is also nice. Once we finish weaving our drums, we will craft a drumstick. We will close our Circle, with Gratitude & sharing of Intentions.

Your seat in this Sacred Circle includes:

~ Your choice of a 10”, 12”, 14”, or 16” drum frame

~ Your choice of Deer, Elk, Cow, or Goat drum hide

~ A drumstick

~ Soul Lift Cacao

~ Light plant-based snacks by Sol Alchemy Snacks

~ Meditation to connect with Spirit & honor the life that was given for this creation

~ Guidance in Intention Setting & crafting your drum & drumstick

When: January 29th, 2022 2:00 -6:00pm
Where: The Summer Moon Yoga – Curtis Park, Sacramento
Energetic Exchange: $222

Choosing your size and hide:
I encourage you to follow your Intuition, while selecting your size and hide. Some hides are not offered in each size, and availability is subject to change, so I recommend securing your seat early, so I can ensure your first choice is available. Please select two options, your first choice and your second choice, if your first choice is unavailable, at the time of ordering.

Place one hand on your Heart-Center and one hand on your belly, while sinking into your breath. Take three deep breathes here, in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you sink into your center, call forward the Animal that wishes to be your guide on this next chapter of your journey. Ask for clear guidance on which hide to select and what size drum, that Being would like to be transformed into. Once you have received your guidance, I invite you to make your Heart-Centered selection.

The larger the drum frame, the deeper the tone. The smaller the drum frame, the higher the tone.

Payments can be made via Venmo @Ashlynne-Moon

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: JANUARY 7th to allow time for shipping