Sadie Murphy

Why I joined Monat ~

Recently I started recovering from an eating disorder. I didn’t really like talking to people about it. For a long time I was “fine”, sound familiar? I never really used social media, I posted once a year when someone would tell me I “had to post that!” It wasn’t until a few months ago when a girl reached out to me about a business called Monat. I was extremely skeptical at first but when I got to know her and the girls that she worked with I found myself feeling like I belonged.

She had explained to me that her team focuses on mental health and a lot of the girls also struggle with eating disorders. They were so open about everything my jaw dropped. I was telling them more things about my life than I had ever told anyone before and they understood! They showed me the products that Monat sells and told me that they’re all natural and helped them so much in their recovery. My hair at the time was falling out and was not soft at all. Not to mention my skin wasn’t doing so great either. While it seemed like a lot of money, the products were discounted and they told me I could return them for full price if I wasn’t happy so I figured why not!

Although I was still concerned about my work schedule and how I would fit it in as well as the fact that I NEVER posted on instagram. She assured me that the thing that is nice about this business is you can take breaks whenever you want with no repercussions which is what makes it sooo mental health friendly. She also explained to me that they would help me with my instagram and that I was never going to have to do anything alone.

I finally gave in and in the next month I made 50 new friends, some of which are people I can go to about anything and everything non-work related. I was surrounded by a positive environment and had started my self-love and self-care journey! My hair felt and looked amazing and so did my skin.

For the first time in my life I am happy and proud of who I am. It is all about the support of the people you have around you and the things that you’re doing. Monat helped me immensely to get here.

It can help you too 😊♥️ DMs are always open if you are interested and I will tell you all about it!

Monat Link <3