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बंद Darwaza

The Poster above is about our ongoing project called बंद Darwaza.

Our main purpose is to motivate our audience through a small video as well as audio podcast. We invite different artist's, entrepreneurs's and sportsperson and discuss with them about thier journey with some interesting game segments.

Also this session creates awareness about struggle and reality of different fields. It is a small initiative taken by us to create a positive change in the society.

It would mean a lot to us, even if a single person gets motivated and finds his/her purpose in life. Do follow us on Instagram to be a part of our podcast.



Aakash Nair

Co-founder of SA Events and host of बंद Darwaza Podcast.


Shubham Valia

Co-founder and social media manager of SA Events.


Bhavya Gandhi

Guest relations and marketing head of SA Events


Mahak Chowdhary

Official Poster designer of SA Events



Content and research head of SA Events


Deep Maru

Content and research head of SA Events


Prajit Patel

Official video editor of SA Events


Gibbs Sequeira

Official Meme creator of SA Events



Shaan Groverr - Actor/ Director/ Producer/ Dancer

It was a fantastic Q&A session had a great time answering Aakash's questions. Really wish that i could re share the live session as it would have entertained a lot of people/viewers. Nevertheless i hope that we'll do many more interesting sessions together. Thank you 😊🙏


Gladwin Menezes - Journalist at republic network/ Content creator/ Founder of Vasai things

Season 1, by SA Events was one of the most unique experiences. It helped me reconnect and discover a variety of different people from different walks of life. These People were talented and i am glad I happened to interact with them. A person or an artitst per say, needs to be heard or seen at least therefore having SA Events around to showcase everyone is something amazing. That is something i took from the entire season 1 experience.


Bhawsheel - Actor

The interview was absolutely lovely. Enjoyed a lot honestly and the way your host Akash was conducting the interview was extremely professional, graceful and very cooperative. Overall it was a wonderful interactive session.
Thankyou for the opportunity ❤️❤️❤️


Aniket Salvi - Aerospace Engineer/ Motivational Speaker

The podcast with SA Events was a great experience. Band Darwaza is indeed a great initiative to reach out to stories that need to be heard without actually stepping out of you house. Thank you for having me on your podcast. Stay blessed 🙏


Darshan Gurjar - Actor/ Dancer/ Presenter

You all are doing a wonderful job and that is somewhere the reason of your team work. The way Aakash has handled from the beginning is appreciable and hopefully. I hope you grow more on every platform. All the best 👍


Kartik khandelwal - Founder, Barefootrekians

Thanks Sa_events for arranging such a peppy, raw and intriguing live session! The experience is truly refreshing & delightful😊
Keep up with the amazing work that you're doing! Good luck for your future endeavours!


Omkar Surve aka Beardo weirdo - Throw ball player/ Rapper

Yoooo mannn
It was an amazing experience I enjoyed alot . I'm happy that there are teenagers like you guys in Vasai who are supporting the upcoming artists by connecting them with your audience/ followers.
Your group is very young and it's just the beginning of your journey.
I don't know how far you will reach or how much successful you guys will be, but more than its important to take a step which you guys have already taken.
Remember (A journey of thousand miles begins with one single step)
So All the very best, keep working hard, enjoy your work, God bless you


Aditya Talkeri - Dancer/Choreographer

First of all Thank you so much to *s.a_events* ❤️🙏 for this opportunity 😁 live session with u was oussm ❤️ felt really good after sharing my experience with u and public 😊 u GUYS ARE DOING FAB JOB.👍❤️ SERIOUSLY!!!
and also app opportunity de rhai ho logo pata chalne k lia ki actually kya kya kerne pada hai and all stuff 😁 ntg for to say. All the best to u Guzz❤️👍 keep working hard 🙏 stay blessed 😇 and hope we collab again 😬😊


Kartikesh Pai - RJ/ Content creator/ Shayar

Well it's a good initiative. We can call this live session as a podcast and I am glad that it is not only focusing on high end people. Going to the roots is what we need now. Kudos🤗🥳


Vritti Khawani - Digital marketer/ Content creator/ Travel vlogger

It was a fun 1 hour! Amazing & creative questions. Wonderful conversation :)


Arpita Samal

Hi. This is Arpita, model and a motivational speaker. I'm really grateful to SA events for having me over and had a great time with them as well. It's good to hear that so many of you actually think of giving young talents an opportunity a platform and a chance to showcase their talent. I'm always here to help you guys. Keep up the great work ❤️☀️🙏


Kabeer and Ritika aka Teen drolls - Youtubers

Viewers enjoyed it, It was fun interesting and very energetic, You guys were fun to work with.