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I create makeup tutorials, provide crystal information, and teach you how to incorporate spirituality into your everyday life!

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Cleansing 101: How to Cleanse Your Crystals, Your Space, and More!

Who Am I?


Hi! I’m Sian, you pronounce the a like an o. life path 7. ☉♈︎ ☾♒︎ ↑♒︎. creator. diviner. youtuber. numerology/crystals/cartomancy. she/they.

let me explain safire222
-sa: Sian Alaysia, my government name
-fire: I am an Aries sun, a fire sign
-222: my guiding angel number, it means to have faith and to trust myself and the process
also safire is pronounced like sapphire, a blue crystal and blue is my favourite colour

Crystals 101 —

the bare basics for more info check out my youtube or tiktok 🕯🌱🤍

crystals that i recommend for beginners:
-selenite, for cleansing
-clear quartz, for healing
-amethyst, for peace
-rose quartz, for love
-black tourmaline/smokey quartz/black obsidian, for protection
-aventurine, for good fortune
-citrine/pyrite/tiger’s eye, for abundance manifestation
-sodalite/lapis lazuli, for intuition

how to cleanse
-selenite (leave the stones on the selenite)
-moonlight (waning moon is the best)
-running water (research first! if it ends with -ite or is a 5 or lower on the mohs hardness scale, the crystal can’t get wet)
-salt (research first! some crystals will be corroded by salt)
-incense (sandalwood, frankincense, myrrh, lavender, coconut, blueberry, copal)
-herbs (lavender, juniper, lemongrass, cedar, rosemary)
-sound (singing bowl, tuning forks, 417hz)

how to charge crystals
-sunlight (research first! some crystals fade in sunlight)
-herbs (research the properties of different herbs and place the stones in the herbs)

i tweet crystal tips n tricks :)