Hello, I’m Sagnik.

I’m 20, and I live in India.
I’m a Media student, about to finish my Bachelors👨🏻‍🎓

Meanwhile I’m a Professional Video Editor working as a freelancer. 💻🎬
Actually, this is one of the reasons I had to make this website to showcase my work. Like all freelancers I would love to have more clients, that’s why this ‘portfolio’ lol. 👨🏻‍💻

But Incase you’re here just to be here and view my link, I’ve shared my stuff around swipe left to view em😌⬅️

Love you, peace.

My LinkedIn (if you have work for me📲🤥)

More about me in my own Melodramatic World


At this point,
I’ve no idea what I am.. but what I want to be.
May be I’m a Marvel Geek who seeks fan theories, or May be I’m a 20 years old who seeks validation for his work. My cryptic captions and enigmatic references are often ignored by the world but not the weird ones who have the will to make a dent in the multiverse.
Sometimes inferiority complex, sometimes 4K renders. The Covid19 shook the world with a snap of it’s DNA strands, and I think most of us someway or the other had the neural necessity to figure out what we actually want or who we actually are. For some Covid paved them a way to be themselves, and for some pushed them to take the first steps of being themselves. Of course it killed people too, even I suffered a horrible time period of the virus effecting my whole family.. but the lockdown has affected us in a lot positive way.
May be not for all but for me.

It kept me away from the suppressors of the society who caged me and didn’t let me fly.

And it helped me to see the world from three steps back and realise may be the cage never existed, it’s just the people around you.
And for that Im glad I was there in 2020 to overcome the pandemic and May be start a journey to find myself.

To quote Michael Scott, “you have no idea how high, I can fly.”

Signing off,