My Top Affordable Fitness and Health picks

Things I can’t live without

Finding affordable ways to workout and eat healthy have never been easier, with experience I have all in one spot what I find a must have when it comes to your fitness and health journey. You don’t need pricy subscription food services and overpriced gym member ships, you just need this list.

Recommendation #1 Protein Powder

This protein powder tastes like such a snack plus it’s low in carbs unlike common other protein powders! The flavors are also DELISH.

Recommendation #2 Best Complete Workout Program

This app has been a lifesaver, based on your own goals it will give you a complete 12 week fitness plan and these can even be done from HOME! Some plans even require zero weights! This takes the planning out of my workouts and helps me focus on getting those muscle gains.

Recommendation #3 Best Activewear Set

Ditch the lulus, I have both and I can tell you this set is $26 and gives you both the quality and the movement you’d get in a higher end fitness line. I have these sets in blue and brown and very impressed.

Recommendation #4 Best FREE workout ideas

Heather Robertson gives you simple BUT hard HIIT workouts that you are missing out on. These can even be done at home. These are FREE and on Youtube, she has hundreds of videos too.