Meet Sally J Kou

Artist, Spiritual integration Faciliator, Therapeuric Art Coach

I’m a multi expressive artist, healing arts facilitator, and mystic with an insatiable curiosity towards the bigger questions on life. My endless quest for spiritual growth gave me
a natural inclination of higher learning towards the advancement of human consciousness and health, philosophy, individual expression, spirituality, and life. Most of my work in both the healing and visual arts have been created and inspired from my own life experiences as a seeker, undergoing my own transformation and healing with various plant medicine and spiritual practices, and through being in touch with my spirit guides from a very young age.

I invite you to discover more of
my work and consider it to be a catalyst for your personal growth and transformation.

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I respect all walked of life and understand that you have your own set of life experiences that made you who you are today. Your privacy, your human dignity is safe with me.

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