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Hey beauty! I’m so happy you’re here.

My name is Cory Lane (hence the “Lane” of Salt & Lane!).

I’m a Registered Nurse, Certified Health Coach, health passionate, obsessed dog mom & iced coffee lover. Oh, and I’m a total #swiftie. If you know, you know 😜

Believe me when I say-I have been in every stage of a health and fitness journey. I’ve hated my body, loved my body, tried every diet under the sun, thought training for a bikini body building competition would solve all my problems (big L. O. L.) and everything in between.

What I have learned through all the trial and error is that living a balanced and healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone, and what works for one season of life may not work for another (oh, hey 2020 👋🏼 ).

Salt and Lane is the place where you can come to be yourself, grow into the best version of you (*whatever* that looks like) and to quite frankly-get some damn answers because this healthy lifestyle thing can be hella confusing. #amiright?

Consider me your online wellness mentor BFF here to cut through the B.S. and guide you on your healthy lifestyle journey.

Three ways I serve you:

1. On the blog 💻

There you will find all my health and wellness tips from fitness, nutrition, mindset, healthy habits, all the things! With a bit of essential oil stuff here and there. [coming soon!]

2. On the @saltandlane IG page ✨

Here you will find the majority of info for all things essential oils, with a dash of other health and wellness tips sprinkled throughout.

3. As your oily mentor 🌱

When you purchase a starter kit through my link, you get me for all things essential oils as well as getting plugged into the amazing community that I am a part of. The team you’re on really does matter, and ours continues to blow my mind daily!

You’re never alone in this-so let’s do this together shall we? 👯‍♀️

Love you, Mean it.
💛 Cory Lane

Choose your starter kit

Find the perfect fit for your current season. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message! I’m here to help 💛

Premium Starter Kit $165

The most popular way to get started & how I got started myself! This kit comes with your own choice of a gorgeous diffuser (I personally just *had* to have the aria) and 12 of the must have most versatile oils for starting your oily journey.

The kit includes:
◒ Lemon // uplifting + natural ‘goo gone’
◒ Peppermint // head tension + energizing + nausea
◒ Lavender // calming + sleep
◒ Thieves // immune system support
◒ Frankincense // grounding + skin
◒ Digize // tummy troubles + digestive support
◒ Raven // respiratory support
◒ PanAway // sore muscle relief
◒ Citrus Fresh // room deodorizer
◒ Valor // courage + confidence
◒ Peace and Calming // anxiety + sleep
◒ Stress Away // vacay in a bottle and hands down my favorite oil!

Other Extras:

◒ Aromaglide Fitments (2) : Instantly turn any of your new oils into rollers!
◒ Thieves Hand Sanitizer: No chemical nasties and only the things you need to protect yourself from germs; a 2020 must-have.
◒ Thieves Cleaning Spray: Perfect to sanitize grocery carts, your steering wheel, anything you may need to disinfect while out and about!
◒ 2 Ningxia Red packets: A wolfberry anti-oxidant drink for wellness support that tastes absolutely yum!

Grab my kit ➔

Thieves Starter Kit $125

This is for you if you’re ready to Ditch & Switch your harmful traditional cleaning products ASAP. The Thieves line is a plant-based, non-toxic, and powerful natural alternative option. It’s 2020-it’s time for your low-tox living glow up ✨

This kit includes:

◒ Thieves 15-ml essential oil
◒ Thieves AromaBright Toothpaste
◒ Thieves Fresh Essence Plus Mouthwash
◒ 2 Thieves Household Cleaner (this is mega concentrated and will last ages!)
◒ 2 Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
◒ 2 Thieves on-the-go Spray
◒ 2 Thieves Waterless Hand Sanitizer

Grab my kit ➔

Kidscents Little Oilers Premium Starter Kit $135

Calling all Mamas!

I know you only want what’s best for your little one, and I also know that something like essential oils can be confusing! I’m stoked to share our newest kit that has everything you need to support your babe, with peace of mind knowing everything is safe and won’t harm them. Kids of any age can inhale these specially made oils straight from the bottle, rolled on, or from their cute new diffuser.

This kit includes:
◒ Feather the Owl diffuser - that also acts as a sound machine and night light!
◒ Geneyus for focus support
◒ Owie for cuts and scratches
◒ TummyGize for tummy troubles & digestion support
◒ SniffleEase for immune support
◒ SleeyIze for sleep support
◒ 2 AromaGlide Fitments to make any of the oils instant rollers

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