About Salt + Pepper Social

Salt + Pepper Social is a boutique social media marketing and online business management virtual studio. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide businesses with dedicated, masterful support that drives sales and builds customer loyalty through strategic social media marketing and CEO support.

In this ever-evolving digital culture, it is now VITAL that businesses build a reputable, consistent online presence. A great deal of research, planning, and content creation must occur daily to keep up with the rollercoaster ride of trends that happen within the social media landscape everyday.

It’s time to delegate the weight of marketing and project management off your shoulders and work in your zone of genius. Whether you want to spend more time with your family, travel more, or just hate the time it takes to complete unfulfilling tasks: this is your permission to admit that while you CAN do it all, you just don’t want too!

Thankfully, we love the stuff most people don’t! In fact, we eat|sleep|breathe every. last. bit. of it!

Whether your business hopes to start from the ground up or freshen up the soil you have already laid—salt +pepper will tailor our packages to your needs! We use industry-leading tools to track performance analytics and manage your business
from anywhere.

Our services are divided into 4 pillars:

1. Social Media Marketing Strategy
2. Project Management/Executive Assistance
3. Course Building
4. Media Management (Podcast, YouTube, etc.)

Each pillar service divides into sub-services that range from email marketing to content creation to admin support! We offer customized packages tailored to your business goals.

Welcome to the one-stop shop for the Online Business Coach 💪🏼

Sometimes you just need a little Salt + Pepper to elevate the entire dish!

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Why Salt + Pepper Social?

Kirsten has a strong background in sales and marketing as well as extensive professional experience including being an educator, manager, and go-to gal in every place she has worked in. The top 3 words her past supervisors have used to describe her are; ambitious, creative, and leads with a servant’s heart. As a small business owner herself, she knows the work-life demands that pull at us all and wants to free up the busy online entrepreneur’s to-do list. Kirsten is an Online Business Manager that specializes in marketing strategy. Her virtual studio, Salt + Pepper Social, has lead successful program and product launches, guided CEOs through rebrand campaigns, and has empowered women to keep their finger on the pulse of their marketing strategy. Kirsten is a certified email marketing specialist and a frictionless sales marketing professional—trained in the flywheel method approach to sales! If there is friction in your strategy, Kirsten will identify and remove it to provide a seamless experience for you and your buyer, and thus increase your sales!

The Mindful CEO Package

A complete online business management service dedicated to the CEO cognizant of their need to delegate!

Winner’s Workflow Package

A detailed review and build-out of current business practices and systems that are creating friction in your sales funnel! Optimization and training of 3 systems (CRM, Email, and Project Management.)

Media Management Services (TBD)

A review and revamp of your current content across media platforms. This service will include podcast management, video editing , and more!

The Focused Funnel Package

A 90 minute intensive, video chat where we review your current sales funnel, the friction points within it, and create an action plan to remove friction and increase flow.

The Pick My Brain Package

A 60 minute video chat, where you choose the topic and I provide answers and an action plan! The goal of this session is to lead you to a clearer understanding of your business goals and how to implement a social media marketing strategy to achieve them!

Opt-In to Sale Package

An email marketing package that leads your followers through a seamless journey into your inbox! You will receive weekly, sales-driven email copy by a certified email marketing specialist as well as inbox management and sequence building, segmentation and automation services.

Freedom to Launch Package

A project management service that involves strategizing, organizing, and managing your next program or product launch.

Analytical Admin Package

A 10 hour service package customized to your particular back-end admin needs!