Hi friends, I’m Samantha

✨Just a women striving to live her dream ✨

Three years ago, my partner and I welcomed our third baby. We had just moved into a large two-bedroom apartment which was perfect at the time for our small family. Now our family has grown the children are getting bigger and need more space. So, my partner and I decided it was time to finally start saving to buy our first family home! However, when we started looking for our dream home, we realized that is was going to cost more than we could afford on our regular 9-5 salaries. As we saved for this new home, we still had to pay rent, bills and other expenses. We both knew there had to be more to life than just “struggling and getting by.”

I came across this girl on a Facebook post about an opportunity to work from your smartphone and make an extra $500 a month. I thought “what is this?” and I searched through her page and watched get thousands of dollars in bonuses. I saw her pay off her college loans in just and be debt free in just one year! I thought “what if I can do what she is doing, too?” and I watched her for months. I did not have much spending income because I was saving for my dream home and anything else was used on essentials my children needed.

I finally reached out, having no money in my account, and took the five seconds of courage to tell her my story and how this could benefit me as a mother trying to provide for my children. I had a smartphone, was coachable and willing to learn, and decided to go all in. July 26th, 2020 was the day my life was going to change for the good.

On girl on my Facebook page changed my life. Five seconds of courage brought me the opportunity to create my dream life, and I am here to show you this could be the opportunity you have been praying for. ☆

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