Samantha Bell

Cat Expert, Kitten Foster, Professional Cat Lady

I’ve been working with shelter cats and cat behavior for over 20 years. Shelter cats are my passion! I spent 7 years as the first and only Cat Behavior & Enrichment Lead for Best Friends Animal Society, and now I’m the official Cat Expert for Best Friends. My job is to inspire people to adopt and foster cats & kittens and also to educate cat owners to help keep cats in their homes and out of shelters. I also run my own cat business at

Since I began my career in animal welfare in 2013, I’ve been able to provide socialization, enrichment, and a great deal of TLC to tens of thousands of shelter cats in my care, and i’ve helped increase adult cat adoptions in Los Angeles by record amounts. I’m a member of the IAABC and have presented about cat behavior to thousands of cat lovers at CatCon, Cat Camp, Basepaws' Cat Behavior Summit, and more. I also offer private cat behavior consulting and have been selected to be a National Trainer-Mentor for The Jackson Galaxy Project’s Cat Pawsitive Pro program since 2016.

I live with 3 former shelter cats (and an assortment of foster kittens) who provide fascinating behavior subjects and adorable content for their many fans.

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