How I went from burnt out to thriving

Curiosity is what got me to where I am, and the fact you ended up here is no accident.

Maybe you clicked this link to find out more about how you can transform your hair and skin.

Or was something deeper 👀

Maybe you clicked this link because you are in a place where you want to change your life. You know if you stay where you are, you will repeat the pattern that has been created.

Whether it’s...

✖️burn out
✖️lacking self confidence
✖️financially strapped
✖️wanting a community
✖️work from home

Those words are triggering. I speak from experience because I was all those things and more.

I start this side biz after swearing off network marketing all together. I was with another company for 6 years where I was top 3% of the company for most of my career.

The only problem was I looked around and the direction where the company was going wasn’t where I wanted to be.

I was burnt tf out.

A couple months after focusing on my 9-5, I still felt a calling for something greater. I saw this opportunity and thought, “maybe one last shot”

I was yearning to grow, stretch and be become a better version of myself. I was curious about this business could do for me.

I said why not? What do I have to lose.

Absolutely nothing.

What this business gave me was:
✨a sense of community
✨providing for my family
✨self confidence and personal development
✨a call for more
✨work from home to be with my daughter

If one of those points stuck with you, then you can do this too.

If you are wondering if this could be the “missing link” in your life, I promise you girl. It really is.

It’s your choice to move the needle or stay where you are, I’m just here to cheer you on if you decide you want to change. Swipe to see what this is all about ✨✖️