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Hey love, thank you for connecting with me! I am so glad that you made it here, I’m going to share a bit about me!

I’m 19, I decided that college/ university wasn’t in the books for me, I wanted to do something different, I craved freedom, I wanted something where I could just live life to the fullest and not know where the day is going to take me, you feel? Something where I wasn’t constantly tied down and feeling stuck, But I couldn’t find a career that was going to provide me that same freedom and an income I could control. So I decided to become an online business owner/Mentor.

I’ve built an extremely successful online empire straight from my phone. I was able to quit my fulltime job 2 months in, I now work my business fulltime and have been doing so for about almost 2 years now.

Now listen, before you think “that could never be me” or before you tell yourself you could never do this too, give yourself all the excuses and limiting beliefs why you can’t. I’ll stop you right there, because I thought the exact same thing. But why not?? So many people are being successful with this and you can too! What makes you different? And you have an opportunity right in front of you, and I’ll mentor you every step of the way, and teach you exactly what I did, this is whatever you want to make it, this can completely change your life as it did mine! Just over a year ago I had no clue in the world what I was doing honestly... it was scary I was inexperienced and nervous and so scared for the future. Maybe what you’re feeling?

Which is why I’m here to teach you everything that you need to know. I’m here to inspire you to take control of your life and actually love the life that you’re living!

With all of that being said I’m ready to link arms with anyone & everyone wanting a part of that.
Wanting MORE. Craving freedom.
Swipe right! CHAT SOON :)

» xx, Sam