Experience the World Around You

Experience the world around you
Feel the wind call out to you as it brushes your skin
Take all opportunities that surround you
Explore your feelings and sense the earth beneath you
There are endless possibilities and billions of treasures to discover
I challenge you
Truly experience the world around you

Hello! My name is Samantha May and I am an inspiring poet and creator. I like to share the raw moments in life that we tend to overlook. Our feelings, experiences, what we hear, what we see, what we feel it all makes us who we are. I like to embrace those aspects and share them in my poetry and express them freely daily in my life. I also have an esty jewelry shop open! I like to create handmade jewelry for all to wear. A piece of me. :) You can check out my work on Instagram, tik tok, and esty. Links will be below!
Thank you to everyone for your support and love!

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Writing Developments

Poetry in Progress

“Sounds of the Soul” - collection of poems exploring the wants and needs of the human soul (an ongoing project)

Sample From: “My Darling Sakura”

As the song plays
A spark is ignite
He calls to her from his thoughts
A voice of precious passion
Dear yamazakura
“I miss you”

-Samantha May

“Letters to the Lost” - a collection of poems to the people I have lost in my lifetime (an ongoing project)

Sample From: “Single” in Letters to my Father

I sent you letters
You sent me one
I gave you fresh picked flowers
You gave me a single daisy

- Samantha May

For Poetry Updates

Blossom Cards

I’m always working on new jewelry and card designs for my shop!

Welcome to Blossom Cards! A gift with every card. Each greeting card is made to order and packaged with care. All jewelry is handmade and each piece is one of a kind.

Need to buy a card? Need to buy a gift? Blossom Cards is the gift for you. Both a card and a gift in one!

A gift for that special someone in your life!
For your best friend!
For your mom or grandma!

I got you!