Samantha Ovalles

What made me who I am

Hi guys my name is Samantha. I am 23 years old and finally decided to change my life. I am an entrepreneur working in the beauty industry. Just like you I was confused on what I see myself doing with my life. I did what everyone was supposed to do go to college and work a 9-5 job. In college I realized that it wasn’t for me and I was destined to do way more with my life then the average person.

When I started this business I was very hesitant. I felt like how could I do what these other ladies are doing but I soon realized that was the adventure I wanted to try. The big “why” to me joining this business was to feel more independent and to not have to depend on my mom for anything. Earlier this year tragedy struck my life and I felt stuck. This business has helped me see you can live the life you want and have the freedom and the opportunities are endless.

It doesn’t take a college degree or special experience to do what I do. If you have wifi and you’re looking for a change, or looking for a sign-this is the opportunity for you.