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All you need is WiFi and a dream

Hey ya’ll welcome to my page!

You can’t really keep me in one place these days but most the time you’ll find me in Miami, FL building my online empire.

My life hasn’t always been so spontaneous. A little over a year ago I was in college in Nebraska unsure of what I wanted to do for a living. I was contacted about an opportunity to work from my phone and ran with it.

I always wanted to move out of Nebraska but it seemed financially impossible. I made my online business a priority and do this full time now.

I’m enjoying living in Florida and working from my phone, mentoring girls from all over the world.

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Network Marketing

Let’s chat about this topic

I have seen tons of my friends joining companies in network marketing and blowing up their feeds with pictures of products so I felt as also being in network marketing to discuss it.

As we all know, I work with Monat. There are tons of reasons I chose Monat over other companies. Mainly because my main concern about network marketing was that I didn’t want to annoy my followers or ruin my Instagram.

Our team teaches you how to do network marketing while keeping your Instagram yours and not sales-y. We all know those people that post a million product pictures in a row and we click through them without even looking.

I also work with a company called Celsius, and promote their products because I already used their products and when they reached out to partner it was a no brainer considering I was going to be positing their products regardless.

So the difference between me posting about Celsius and Monat is that Celsius doesn’t pay me to post, with Monat I receive 5 paychecks a month, for posting like I already would be.