Why I do what I do..

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Samantha, and I would like to share a little bit of my story with you. I have struggled with anxiety & depression since I was a young child. In my early 20’s, it got significantly worse to where I couldn’t leave the house for work or to go anywhere for that matter. At that point, I knew I needed help and went to the doctor and was prescribed pharmaceuticals. That wasn’t something that I wanted to be on long term, as they are unhealthy and a double edged sword, but at the time and over the years, UNTIL NOW, I could not find anything that worked.
These products have not only changed my life, but they are changing so so many lives. The lives of the people I love & the people they love! It’s so fulfilling & I want to serve as many people as I can with fast acting, all natural, cutting edge, CBD/Hemp & nutraceutical products!

The Products that changed EVERYTHING.

My Favorites

Top Recommendations

These are the things that I take every day! They help with my overall wellness, as well as my anxiety & depression!


This is an offers the body full nutrient absorption & I am in love! It comes with 3 of the products in AM/PM packets. The Q ALIGN reduces inflammation in the body, also allowing for the maximum absorption of the other products! The Q BIOTICS TOTAL is spore forming! This means that the vitamins are able to withstand everything in our body (heat, acidity, you name it) to actually reach our stomach and gut to detox the body and to help normalize digestive issues! The Q MAX PREMIUM is super important, because it targets the cells in our body. It provides those cells with nutrients that go to our brain, heart, & organs. This micronutrient has FULLY methylated B vitamins, chelated minerals, and amino acids. What does that mean for your body?? Ha, I didn’t know either!! Dropping links below for you to copy/paste that you should read to know why these things are important!




So I have been taking the TWISTS. They come in with Hydrate, Crave, and Calm. The CALM peach lemonade has helped the most with my anxiety and guess what!?! They just came out with an option for us to buy it by itself!!!!! 😍😍 You can visit the full website to see the Calm by itself but must be a Preferred Customer to purchase (that is $10 but saves 25% on products!) There is also a Mother’s Day special right now where if you buy 2 you get one free! (And I’m just telling you I’m ordering the Honey Hemp Sticks too because 😍😍)


The Q FUSE works for a laundry list of issues. It has patented BIOSYNC technology- meaning that the particles are basically surrounded in little bubbles allowing for maximum absorbency. So you get a 90% absorption rate and feel the benefits within 15 minutes! It calms and relaxes me, takes away my back pain from my epidural, and gives me focus! I advise to only take it in the morning and afternoon though, because it keeps you awake. 😉
A little more about this and what worries some is the amount of THC. SO.. the legal limit to sell CBD is .3%. Ours has less than .03% and we also sell a completely THC version as well just to ease any of those worries. Both work the same! 😊

It comes in Berry (my favorite), Mocha (people love to mix with coffee), and Cinnamon (people say it’s like a Red Hot)! (For now... but I’ve heard new flavors are coming soon 😉)


I take this to keep my hormones balanced! And WOW, does it work. There is a men’s vitalize as well that helps balance testosterone levels. Product sheet below! ☺️


If you have trouble falling asleep or getting a good nights rest, the SLEEP SPRAY is amazing!!
The B12 gives you ENERGY!!
The Relief Spray helps with Pain!!!
The D3 Spray has 5,000 IUs of pharmaceutical grade D3 per serving! It helps with calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth, helps build a strong immune system and supports a healthy metabolic system function! 
The Boost Spray helps with your metabolism!
The C+ Spray offers a powerhouse complex of vitamin C, Zinc, L-lysine, and vitamin E that super charges your immune system to protect from common ailments💪🏼. It offers antioxidant support and may assist healthy liver function!