Hey loves

If your not smiling your doing it wrong

Hey! Thank you so much for connecting with me! I’m so happy you’re here.
I’m Jade! A little bit about me: I’m 27 years old, a step-mom, dog mom and kitty mom, I love to cook, sing and travel, and I’m so incredibly passionate about helping others improve their overall well-being and learn to empower themselves!
If you've come across this page, I'm sure you have some idea about what I do!
But I have to tell you, I had no idea that when I said yes, it would completely change my entire life.
Before I started my journey in my online business, I had lost my job due to Covid-19 and I was struggling to find a new job. I was trying to sell things to pay my bills. Even before that, I was working 60+ hours a week and still never had time or money for the extras. I couldn't take off work whenever I wanted, I couldn't choose my hours, I was becoming drained and unhappy with the everyday hustle, and I wasn't making enough to do the things that made me happy, like traveling and being around people I loved. I was searching for a way out of my situation, to stop struggling and long story short, this opportunity fell into my lap and here I am to this day!
I am SO happy, words can't even describe.
I have gotten rid of financial stress.
I feel pumped, driven, and inspired every day.
I am surrounded by a tribe of like-minded and ambitious women who lift me up and encourage my success.
I have the ability to travel all the time.
And most importantly, I feel FREE.
My life is now mine. I control my income, I control my schedule, I control my goals and my success. I am in control of my life and I couldn't imagine it any other way.
If you're anything like me, you don't want to spend the rest of your life working for someone else, clocking into a job that doesn't appreciate you and/or has no flexibility, and never getting any raises.
Or maybe you like your current job, but you'd like an extra side hustle to increase that monthly cash flow!
Dream big.
You deserve everything you desire.
Your life is yours.
And I'm here to help you reach your dream life!
Here are some of the things you'll learn when you join me!
» How to make an income from social media
» The steps to become an influencer
» How to create aesthetic IG and FB stories
» How to take IG worthy photos
» How to organically grow your social media following
+ so much more!
We will help you TRANSFORM your social media into a professional brand that personally fits you + then we show you how it can make you an income!
So, before you fill out the application, ask yourself these questions -
» Are you goal oriented?
» Are you coachable?
» Work hard play hard mentality?
» Are you ready to hustle + change your life?
Now, if you answered yes to these questions, JOIN ME and let's take this opportunity to turn passion and desire into an income + a life you LOVE!
If you're ready to change your entire life, apply below! ☟
"If you keep doing what you're doing, you’re going to keep getting what you're getting. You want change? Make some." ― Courtney C.