〰️ Policies

Please inform yourself with my makeup glam policies !

NEW** • Non refundable $35 Deposit via Venmo/cash app due prior to wedding date… if I can not make event for any reason (illness, emergency) a back up plan will be executed or entire paid compensation will be refunded to client.

• Client is held responsible for proper skin regime prior to appointment. Yes boo, wear your spf, drink your water, and exfoliate your skin! Q’s? Ask me!

• Please please please look over my style of make up artistry! If you don’t like my style you likely will not enjoy my services. Each artist does it differently! Also keep in mind social media is lying to you through filters and face tune! Have an inspo picture in mind? Kindly send it to me and we can walk through mutual expectations ❤️

• I am not liable for any allergens a client may have that were not prior discussed. I thoroughly clean and sanitize my equipment and I am not liable for ANY adverse reactions. Again, consult with me prior, address any and all concerns with me, and before the trial.

• I have a full time job in addition to free lancing, please be respectful of my time! If i do not respond within 48 business hours m-f, kindly resend email/text/dm!

• I seriously thank you for considering me! I can’t wait to meet you 💋


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〰️Samantha X Homegirl 〰️

It genuinely feels like I have been doing this my entire life! Allow me to explain..

Ever since I can remember, I have been the one called to when one needed anything makeup, hair, or beauty related! Even before I was doing makeup on my mom for dates at age ten I was taking markers to my barbies and not to mention, scissors in hopes I could transform them into their baddest/hottest self lmao. Let’s just say I have come a long way since then. 🙈

Ever since 2015 I have been employed with Sephora where I have been capable of turning my passion into a thriving side hustle! It truly transformed my entire life! I have worked with people from all backgrounds, skin types, ethnicities, and ages. My work has been featured on the news, in bridal expos, in maternity photos, on beloved cancer patients during chemotherapy, and even in wedding photos to be treasured for lifetimes.

For years I did wedding services for free/donations! And I think that was what set me apart from the beginning. I truly wanted brides to have my services because I knew I was capable of instilling the confidence they needed to truly believe they are gorgeous inside and out. I know before I get there they don’t need lipstick or lashes to be beautiful, but sometimes that’s all a babe needs to sing a new tune, dance a new dance, and face life with a new stride. I truly believe when you feel good you do good. 💝

I began to get questions from friends and family right away. I loved the influence I had in my small community, babes all over called onto me for the scoop on how to address their beauty concerns, to feel beautiful, and how to know their capable exactly as they are. That’s right. I am not just for indulging in luxurious products and plying in makeup. I also am an advocate for all things mental health and cultivating the life you’ve always dreamed of. Because at the end of the day, this is the only life we get to live and by now we all know stress causes pre mature aging and we AINT GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Okay all kidding aside, i truly believe we are capable of doing so much if we feel good. So wash your face, put on ur moisturizer, and let’s make this day our bitch.

I don’t want to just be your makeup girl, I want to be the person you can call to when you feel down. When you feel unwell. When you are certain life has you beat. Whatever it is that has you beat, I am here to tell you… you can overcome it. I come from nothing. Literally. I suffer from various mental illnesses and for years I shuddered and cringed at my own face and body. It ain’t got to be like that boo. I truly mean that. Join along me with transforming our lives and continuing on a journey of glass half full, brighter days, and moisturized skin. Self care is self love 💕

Whether it’s your wedding day, your maternity photos, or just a rainy day. Let me be your home girl and we can navigate these days together. 💖

Hit me up!

Please give 48 business hours m-f for response!

Email is preferred
No calls please 💖