Level 1 🧸

Sooo.....What do you choose truth or dare?

Truth :- what’s the biggest misconception about you?

Dare :-

Level 2 🌸

Congrats 🥳 on completing the previous level. Let’s continue with the next question. 🙃

Truth :- Which cartoon world would you like to live in for a week?

Dare :-

Level 3 🌼

You guys did well in level 2 😉. Let’s move ahead with the next question. What do you choose truth or dare?

Truth :- How’ll you tempt me if I’m upset?
Dare :-

Level 4 ❤️

Congrats, you chaps did outstanding in last round. 😍

Truth :- what’s the strangest rumour that you’ve heard about yourself?
Dare :-

Level 5

What would you choose now? Truth or dare? 🙃

Truth :- if you have the least knowledge of something, what is it?
Dare :-

Cheers on your outstanding performance in last round

Level 6

Truth :-Have you ever broken something expensive at home and tried to hide it?

Dare :-

Level 7

Hurrah!!!....you’ve reach level 7....what would you choose now?? Truth or dare??

Truth :- will you ever dump me for a more charming person?
Dare :-

Level 8

Yuppie..!!!....you’ve cleared the 7th round....what would you choose now? Truth or dare??

Truth :- if you could see my thoughts for a day in form of a video, would you like to see them, what part would you enjoy the most?
Dare :-

Level 9

Just one more step behind level 10....🤭.....what would you choose now?? Truth or dare??

Truth :- What will be your first priority, if we get together in future?

Dare :-

Level 10 ❤️

Yayyy...!!!....finally you guys have reached the level 10

Truth :- Have I ever scared you in anyway?
Dare :-

Level 11 😍

What would you choose now?🤭 Truth or dare??

Truth :- if you could make a YouTube channel, what would it be about?

Dare :- Propose me to your best.

Level 12

You guys are dope😍....what would you choose this time??

Truth :- What’s your most favourite part of a journey?
Dare :-

Level 13

Here come the next questions :- 💁🏻‍♀️

Truth :- Are you scared of something?
Dare :-

Level 14 —

Hip Hip hurrah..!!!🥳....what would you choose now??...truth or dare??

Truth :- what’re your expectations from Ukraine war?
Dare :-

Level 15 🦋

Wowowow...!!!!....you guys have made it to level 15😲

Truth :- Who’s the most religious person in your sight?
Dare :-

Level 16🧚🏻‍♂️

Here we go with the next question 🙃🌸

Truth :- if I could control the your life, would you give me the command of it?

Dare :-

Level 17

You guys will gonna be killin it 😘

Truth :- If my life is a road , what’re you in it?

Dare :-

Level 18

Congratulations for making up to level 18

Truth :- what’s the weirdest thing you used to eat as a child?

Dare :-

Level 19

My goodness....!!!!....it’s level 19🤭😲

Truth :- What has been your craziest summer experience?

Dare :-

Level 20🦋🌸 —

Yayyy...yayyy....Yayyy....!!!!....it’s level 20😍❤️

Truth :- if you could make one festival, what would it be about ?

Dare :-

Level 21

Here comes the next question 🙃😉

Truth :- What was your last dream about me?

Dare :-

Level 22

What would you choose now??🥰....Truth or dare???

Truth :-What’s your most favourite thing at an amusement park or a zoo?

Dare :-

Level 23

Just more more step to finish this game😘

Truth :-what’s the last time you wet the bed?

Dare :-

Level 24

Wowwww....can’t believe that you guys have made it to the last level

Truth :- How was the game this time? Did you like the questions?

Dare :-