With a fully trust and professionalism Sanadata helps researchers and entrepreneurs, in many ways. Starting from helping to understand buyer behavior . And making it easier for researchers to reduce costs and time in conducting research.

We believe data can bring changes to change the future. But changes is not always a good thing . for that reason Sanadata strives to maintain data security so that it does not fall to irresponsible & always comply with the code of ethics for data collection and hold programs that can support future changes for the better.

Best regards, Sanadata.

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This is our basic product

The product can be more specific such as location , based on interest , based on behavior e.t.c .

If you have any thoughts about our product , we will gladly if you wanna discuss with us .
Here's are several of our product .

Number Databased

You'll get only the list of the number .

Username list

You'll get username list and add some custom filter for it .

Extract sources from database

Sorting , collecting , listing a data from a world wide web .

Our Apologize

We were soo so sorry for the uncomfortableness , while you visiting our profile .

Actually This company was builded from scratch . for that reason we wish that you guys can understanding our companies situation soo . For that particular reason my self as a founder of Sanadata . i wanna to apologize for your uncomfortableness .

But we not use that for an excuse to serve you the best experiences we could . We will service our customer with a loyal and trusted services you can count on it .

Best regards .

M . Rizqi
Founder Of Sanadata