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Sandi Bhirawa Cattery is the official cat breeder of the British Shorthair species. We specialize in the British Shorthair species.

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Chun Li

The Calmest of Cats

You bet it, she's from China. Fun fact, Her name, Chun Li, is obviously similar to the one from Street Fighter (gamer fans ou there). Also, her name is from Chinese origin, which means Beautiful Spring. And, she is. Her fur reminded us of the beauty of the nature. So do it's character, fun and calm.

Chun Li was born on September 14th, 2020 in China. She is raised by Chinese Cat Breeder, CC Cat.


mr. big baby

He seems scary (definitely from his photograph). But he'll be scared of you first. Maybe that's the reason somebody invented the term "big baby", he's literally it. But he'll get along with you, promise. He's the cutest, sweetest cat you'll ever meet. I bet you.

He was born on October 25th 2020. Made in China (China's been the majority breeder so far). He was raised by Sindy, Chinese Cat Breeder.

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The Adventurer

Pocahontas. Remember of that Disney characters? Poca is the remineces of her. Her brave young spirit, her curiosity. Such a young blood in her heart.

She was born on May 8th, 2021, in Bali (that's why she has that kinda spirit, typical Balinese). She is raised by the ChesterGoodboy Cattery, a local Cat Breeder from Bali.


We are expecting a cat-loving adopter for our kittens-to-be!

We hope that we can reach an audience of cat lovers in Indonesia and even other countries. We start small, but aim for something bigger. We try our best to give our kitten-to-be a happy life with a loving owner with all their heart.

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