Black, Bold, Brilliant woman of the 90’s

I am an individuated woman in full possession of herself.

With the spread of conformity and image-driven superficiality, my power and my allure remain quite irresistible.
I was born for plenitude and inner fulfillment.

Here are the top 3 things I like to do for $0.00

Aside school and work, learning a new skill is very vital to me. I do not learn for the benefit of anyone, I learn for the purpose of unlearning ignorance.
What’s even more vital, living in an extremely expensive town, is being able to learn at no cost 🤪
Here are the top 3 things I like to do with what I already have...


I used to think photography meant going to Amazon and checking out that $550 mirrorless Cam! But not anymore!
I simply use my smart phone to take pictures of the things my eyes find captivating. I let the pictures stay in my gallery for about 3 days, then I go back to look at them. I find that I have a fresh outlook & perspective on them and I’m able to interpret them better, since I “feel” them either more or less than I did when I took them.
I also like to play around with different presets from apps such as Lightroom and Canva. They give my photos the much needed edge.
It’s really fulfilling, this photography thing.


No need to buy a new stove or oven or bend your back in an effort to purchase expensive ingredients.
I normally use what’s already in my fridge. I play around in the kitchen a lot, it’s one way for me to pass time while learning a new skill.
Recently, I learnt how to make samosas. I didn’t have to buy anything. I had some left over chicken in the fridge, which I grounded and used. I had wheat flour and olive oil and I did a damn good job without spending even a dollar.
Tops is when you cook, then take photos of your food and hit two birds of my to-do list with the same stone 😜
Cooking is therapy for me.
I love that I set myself up for the challenges of trying and perfecting new cuisines.


The good old way of cleansing the body & soul!
Way before the detox juice and tea, writing was the ish’ and it still is if you want it to be
There’s so much distressing you can do by choosing to pen down those worries/struggles and vice versa (think of the good stuff, eg writing down your goals and being motivated to work towards them)
Most times, I perform this ‘ritual’ where I write down my bothers on a piece of paper and burn then burn the paper.
By doing this, I choose to believe that I burn the pain/struggles associated with whatever I had written, away.
It works for me.
You should try it sometime...

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