Hola Amigos! I am Sandra!

Here to create my own financial stability

Are you looking to make an income sharing products you love?

That’s exactly what lead me to join Monat almost a year ago. Initially I purchased the products to try them out and help a family member but lo and behold I fell in love with the line. Three months into being a customer I became a Market Partner!

As a mother of 4, a wife, an executive director for a prospering medical practice and everything else I was juggling I just knew this was something I needed to do. See, I have this burning desire to help others feel and be their absolute best! That may come in whatever form the person seeks such as being healthier, better skin, bouncier sexier hair, workouts, etc.

Since joining Monat, this business has allowed me to continue working helping others with their health all while helping others find their way with Monat. Monat has helped me create financial stability while building MY empire. I was blessed to have several empowering women show me how to start creating this financial freedom and I would love to help you do the same. If you are ready to stop wishing upon a start and start working towards YOUR golden ticket, my team and I have the plan!

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